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"Abolitionist" had several meanings at the time.
He advocated enslaving Northern factory workers, for their own benefit.
By the end of the war, the New England states provided most of the American ships that were used in the foreign slave trade while most of their customers were in Georgia and the Carolinas.The fourth in this quartet is the theory of state sovereignty states' rights 91 also known as the "Calhoun doctrine" after the South Carolinian political theorist and statesman John.Hence much of the nation concentrated on growth and prosperity.The three major attempts at compromise, the Crittenden Compromise, the Corwin Amendment and the Washington Peace Conference, addressed only the slavery-related issues of fugitive slave laws, personal liberty laws, slavery in the territories and interference with slavery within the existing slave states.98 Abolitionism edit Main article: Abolitionism Antislavery movements in the North gained momentum in the 1830s and 1840s, a period of rapid transformation of Northern society that inspired a social and political reformism.As early as 1830, in the midst of the crisis, Calhoun identified the right to own slavesthe foundation of the plantation agricultural systemas the chief southern minority right being threatened: I consider the tariff act as the occasion, rather than the real cause of the.Resultant "doubts and frustrations" provided fertile soil for the argument that southern rights and liberties were menaced by Black Republicanism.But without the benefit of hindsight, the 1854 elections would seem to indicate the possible triumph of the Know-Nothing movement rather than anti-slavery, with the Catholic/immigrant question replacing slavery as the issue capable of mobilizing mass appeal.62 Southerners such as Calhoun argued that slavery was "a positive good and that slaves were more civilized and morally and intellectually improved because of slavery.David Herbert Donald (19202009 a student of Randall, argued in 1960 that the politicians of the 1850s were not unusually inept but that they were operating in a society in which traditional restraints were being eroded in the face of the rapid extension of democracy.

External links edit Civil War and Reconstruction: Jensen's Guide to WWW Resources Report of the Brown University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice State by state popular vote for president in 1860 election Tulane course article on 1860 election Tulane course article on Fort Sumter.
The fact that seven immigrants out of eight settled in the North (and the fact that most immigrants viewed slavery with disfavor compounded by the fact that twice as many whites left the South for the North as vice versa, contributed to the South's defensive-aggressive.
Gienapp, "The Republican Party and the Slave Power" in Michael Perman and Amy Murrell Taylor, eds.
Woodworth,., The American Civil War: A Handbook of Literature and Research (1996) pp 131-43 Thomas.
In effect, this would be a successor to the Whig party.55 The cotton gin greatly increased the efficiency with which cotton could be harvested, contributing to the consolidation of " King Cotton " as the backbone of the economy of the Deep South, and to the entrenchment of the system of slave labor on which.64 By the mid-19th century this form of religion and Bible interpretation had become a dominant strand in American religious, moral and political discourse, almost serving as a de facto state religion.561; Daniel to Van Buren, Nov.19 It was not until the Missouri crisis that Americans became aware of the political possibilities of a sectional attack on slavery, and it was not until the mass politics of Andrew Jackson 's administration that this type of organization around this issue became practical.1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link ) CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list ( link ) Bestor, 1964,.Sanford sic (the Respondent's name, Sandford, was misspelled in the reports) 124 were both part of the Bleeding Kansas controversy over slavery as a result of the KansasNebraska Act, which was Stephen Douglas ' attempt at replacing the Missouri Compromise ban on slavery in the.Proceedings of the Virginia State Convention of 1861.Brooks was lauded as a hero upholding Southern honor.Nevins pointed out that the North and the South were rapidly becoming two different peoples, a point made also by historian Avery Craven.Citation needed Result and Impact of the Election of 1860 edit Lincoln handily won the electoral votes: 138 Abraham Lincoln: crack on corner of mouth 180 (39.7 of the popular vote ).C.Indignant over the developments in Kansas, the Republicansthe first entirely sectional major party.S.Major Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction: Documents and Essays (2010.Mills Thornton III explained the viewpoint of the average white Alabamian.Although Representative Anson Burlingame managed to publicly embarrass Brooks in retaliation, the original episode further polarized North and South, strengthened the new Republican Party, and added a new element of violence on the floor of Congress.

The abolitionist north had a difficult time matching the pro-slavery south passage for passage.
Douglas defended his KansasNebraska Act, which replaced the Missouri Compromise ban on slavery in the Louisiana Purchase territory north and west of Missouri with popular sovereignty, which allowed residents of territories such as the Kansas to vote either for or against slavery.
American History: A Survey.