1.12 2 battlefield failed patch

Changed default server port to 17567.
Adjusted pistols: Increased ROF Clamp values, slightly reduced damage fall off over range.We will continue to add improvements, based failed on your battlefield feedback, in upcoming Battlefield 4 updates as well.OS: Windows patch 7 64-bit, level: Singapore Beach, this area is heavy on the CPU as it is quite a lot of failed action going on, but the game is primarily GPU-bound both on DX and with Mantle but thanks to GPU optimizations with Mantle we get.Hi, My name is Johan Andersson and Im one of battlefield the Technical Directors in the."Commander score" statistic no longer resets to zero.Test was done on the highest end Intel CPU on Windows 8, which is the fastest option before Mantle thanks to DirectX.1.Remove ability battlefield to resupply all unlimited ammo objects.This update is the first release of our new Mantle renderer, and we will continue to provide more tuning for different types of configurations in future updates.News Tickers Speed time to display increased.Test battlefield case 2: Standard 64-player multiplayer.SL drone: Tweaked the acceleration on the left right aiming for the bot.In this blog post, the Technical Director for Frostbite details this exciting battlefield new step for the Battlefield series.The end result is that game performance is improved in virtually all scenarios in Battlefield 4 on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 when running with Mantle! GPU: 2x AMD Radeon R9 290x.

This single-player scene is heavy on both the CPU and GPU with lots of action going.Removed unused RangeFinder setting from EU Walker, Titan Guns to fix the APC/Railgun/FAV draw out original bug.Fix for excel latency and TV guided missiles (lowered the acceleration on the missile and fixed firing lag).GPU: AMD Radeon 7970.If you have any questions, ask them below and well do our best to answer them.CPU: Intel Core i7-3970x Extreme, 12 logical cores @.5 GHz.DrawScreenInfo 1 that player will now show additional on-screen information about your CPU GPU config, resolution and as well as if Mantle child or DirectX 11 is used for rendering.The biggest performance gains can be seen when the game is bottlenecked by the CPU which can be quite common even on high-end machines and this was main goal to improve on with Mantle.Result:.24 ms/f -.38 ms/f 58 faster, here is a summary of the test cases: Test case 1: Low-end single-player 2: 64-player multi-player 3: Multi-GPU single-player CPU AMD A10-7850K (Kaveri APU 4 instruction cores @.7 crack GHz AMD FX-8350, 8 cores @ 4 GHz Intel.Level was tested with 64 pseudo players that we have for our own internal testing that simulates heavy game workload that we have in multiplayer in order to get more deterministic piece results compared to full real multiplayer.Category, games, author,.Result:.6 ms/f -.3 ms/f 14 faster.Feedback If you try out Mantle in BF4 we would really excel like to hear your feedback about it! With this first release of Mantle, you can expect performance increases in the game if you have the hardware to support.