A mercury b c d e a-Ball Connector b-Throttle Cam c-Pointer 58683 d-Cam Follower e-Jam Nut Page 2C R1 manual november 2001 timing, synchronizing, adjusting R1 november 2001 Page 2C-13.
If debris cannot be cleaned from check valve, replace shock piston as manual an assembly.
#2 #3.55 -.45high tension lead high tension lead Ignition Spark Gap.Remove the battery from the boat and check water mercury level.Check battery electrolyte level, and charge battery.F g f - Place Barrel Into Barrel Pocket g - Hairpin Cotter.If so, replace brushes.(6.005 -.018 mm) Exhaust Stem To Guide Clearance.2364 -.2369.Flushing Attachment P/N 44357A2.The materials recommended are of high quality and approximate marine requirements.Remove the oil fill cap and add oil to manual to manual proper operating level.This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. No mercury adjustments mercury should normally be made to these components as emission performance will be compromised.

A b 58563 a c a - Piston/Connecting Rod Assembly (4) b - Connecting Rod Bearings (4) c - Connecting Rod Cap (4) cylinder block/crankcase Piston Ring Removal.Install oil pick-up tube service on adaptor plate, use proper torque sequence.(2.000 -.300 mm) thermostat Valve Opening Temperature Full Open Temperature Valve Lift (Minimum) 122 F (50 C) 140 F (60 C).17.Malfunction Indicator Lamp 99056A1 or Diagnostic Lamp A1 99056age 3B R1 november 2001 troubleshooting AND diagnostics Control and Function manual Ignition Timing Fuel Injection Timing Air/Fuel Control Function Crank user Position Sensor 0 0 0 Detects the crankshaft position and engine speed Throttle Position Sensor.RED RED RED black black black a a a GRN 1 game GRN 1 GRN 2 GRN 3 GRN 2 GRN A1 a - To Stator Harness note: Use ohm meter and test harness while performing test.(108mm) Diameter peugeot Gear most Case 1B-11.Nm 1 1 adaptor plate assembly club 2 7 dowel PIN 3 1 fitting.5 4 2 check valve 5 1 grommet 6 1 gasket 7 1 OIL sump 8 1 exhaust tube 9 1 O-ring 10 1 grommet 11 1 water tube.A b c 91-16850A7 a -Fuel Pressure Gauge b -Pressure Check Valve c -Pressure Regulator R1 november 2001 Page 3B-3 troubleshooting AND diagnostics Mechanical Fuel Pump Test note:Do not over-pressurize the fuel pump.1D-7 Battery Cable Connections. Replace hydro crankshaft if bearing surfaces are pitted, scored, or discolored.