94 jeep grand cherokee owners manual

18 clutch AND brake pedal bushings If clutch and brake pedal mechanism squeaks, pivot grand bushings should be lubricated.
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Deter- mine acid level and add distilled water, if necessary.(3) Disconnect the grand stabilizer bar from the links.(3) The lubricant level should be within 12 mm (1/2 in) of fill hole.Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.Additional maintenance and lubrication informa- tion is listed in the Owners Manual.Clean outside of cap before removing.(2) Install the bolts and finger tighten the nuts (Fig.In this instance, the input torque applied to the pinion gears is not owners di- vided equally.The wheel toe position is the final front wheel alignment adjustment.If it becomes necessary to use a booster battery and jumper cables to start an engine, use the following procedure.Support vehicle owners in raised po- sition with jack stands at front and rear ends of frame rails.(7) Disconnect the drag link from the pitman arm.GAS0line engine fuel requirements All gasoline engines require fuel that has a mini- mum octane rating of 87 determined by (R M 2 calculation manual method. Engine OIL specifications API service grade Use an engine oil that conforms to API Service Grade S, SG/CD or SG/CE.
Front wheel bearings owners The front wheel bearings jeep on a ZJ manual vehicle are per- manently lubricated.

To accom- plish this the differential allows the axle shafts to version turn at unequal speeds (Fig.The difference is described in the Thread Notation chart.Use the form windlass to provide Chrysler Corporation with your lite comments and suggestions.The reservoir fluid level can be determined with fluid either hot or cold.Introduction The steam maintenance schedule is divided into emission related arena maintenance and non-emission related main- tenance.1 Temperature/Engine Oil ViscosityGasoline Engines 0 - 12 lubrication AND maintenance.AIM adjustment Refer to Group 8LLamps for headlamp aim ad- justment procedures.(6) Disconnect the track bar from the frame rail bracket.Batteryinspect and clean terminals.Bearing noise The axle shaft, differential and pinion gear bearings can all produce noise when game worn or damaged.(3) Tighten the stabilizer bar to connecting link nut to 36 Nm (27.Vehicles also have fuel filler tubes that are specially designed to accept only small-diameter nozzles.(5) Position the battery in the tray and install the hold down strap.Trailer towing specifications The Trailer Towing Specifications chart provides: The maximum trailer tongue weight government The maximum trailer weight The maximum combined weight of the trailer/load/ towing vehicle with a specific engine/transmission/ax- le combination.Lubrication (1) Inspect front suspension. 6 CCV System4.0L Engine premium Z lubrication AND maintenance.

14 Ignition 94 jeep grand cherokee owners manual Cables, Distributor Cap and Rotor.
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This noise can usually be stopped by tightening the attaching nuts.