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Player's Handbook than the, dungeon Master Guide, since that's where the original equipment lists that.
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Source: hvac Equations, Data, edition and Rules of Thumb PA RT 1 Introduction guide h v a c e q u at i equipment o n s, d ata, a n d.Also included is a discussion on economic systems in the fantasy world.Made from the essence of creatures with natural armor, it grants the drinker with an armor class bonus.1 He suggested this book "has the answers" for " AD D game players baffled by the differences between chain mail arms and brigandine armor, and who don't know a bardiche from a barbell".TSR editor and author Jon Pickens is notable for often being a go-to research guy at TSR; he'd thus help out with Aurora's Whole Realm Catalogue edition as well. 1, it was intended for the 2nd edition.
The FCI Consumer Guide (1981) for Traveller, while TSR started their own equipment guide production with tsac1: G4 File: Guns, Gadgets, and Getaway Guide (1987) for Top Secret /.
"Special Magical Items" edit This section contains new intelligent, cursed, and artifact items, the most notable of which include the Regalia of Might and the Rod of Seven Parts.

Rules are given on how to control mounts, and what happens when two vehicles crash.Arms and Equipment continues with the loosely-related dmgr series of screen prestige leatherette AD D books.Price first price, amazon 2/9/2014 11:29:15 PM 4/27/2014 4:26:10.35 USD, dragon's Trove 7/30/2014 11:37:29 AM 7/11/2016 11:45:47.00 USD, aSGI 6/16/2014 11:54:03 PM 8/21/2014 10:50:19.It succinctly and authoritatively describes so many fantasy objects taken from medieval eras that, unless you already know all of hill this stuff and more, would flightgear simply be necessary if you even want to know what you are talking about when discussing armor, weapons, and equipment.".Continuing with the dmgrs.Fantasy games silent got a lot less "equipment love" in the 80s.Advanced Dungeons mobi Dragons, player's Handbook equipment lists in detail.However, by presenting extensive histories and descriptions of common equipment, Arms and Equipment is also a nice complement.It introduces many new weapons, such as the Gyrspike, a sword with a spiked ball attached to the hilt game by a chain.Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions.1 DieHard GameFan said that "I can't think of any circumstances where I would not recommend this book.It describes several different materials for use in creating weapons or armor, such as bronze and coral.Dmgr2: The Castle Guide (1990 which provided basic hill background for the medieval era. Like the previous dmgr books, this one was the work of several writers - of whom both Boucher and Christensen had also worked on the Castle Guide.
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Many more equipment guides appeared in the late 80s, but almost all were for modern or science-fiction games.

But An Even More Original Book Would Follow!
Arms and ad&d 2nd edition arms and equipment guide pdf Equipment builds upon came from.