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Afdd 3-2, Irregular Warfare, afdd manual 3-03, Counterland Operations, manual 11 September 2006, incorporating Change 1, afdd manual 3-04, Countersea Operations, 15 September 2005, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-05, Special Operations, 16 December 2005, incorporating Change 2, afdd 3-10, Force Protection, afdd 3-12, Cyberspace Operations, incorporating Change.
Afdd 3-27, Homeland manual Operations, afdd 3-40, Counter-Chemical, manual Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Operations, interim Change 2, 1 November manual 2011.
2, Intelligence Standardization / Evaluation Program, ir Force Instruction 14-202, vol.
1, Intelligence Training, ir Force Instruction 14-202, vol.Air Force Participation in International Armaments Cooperation (IAC) Programs, ir Force Instruction 16-118, Conduct of manual usaf Contacts with the People's Republic of China manual (PRC) and the Government of the Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region (hksar) of the PRC, ir Force Instruction 16-201, Air Force Foreign.FAS, intelligence, documents, defense, search, join FAS, aFDD 1-2, Air Force Glossary, with Change 1, afdd 1-04, Legal Support to Operations, afdd 2, Global Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Operations, afdd 3-01, Counterair Operations, interim change 2, 1 November 2011.Air Force, ir Force Instruction 40-402, Protection of Human Subjects in Biomedical and Behavioral Research, ir Force Instruction 48-105, Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of Disease and Conditions of Public Health or Military Significance, ir Force Instruction 51-401, Training and Reporting to Ensure Compliance with the.Afdd 3-13, Information Operations, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-13.1, Electronic Warfare, 5 November 2001, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-14, Space Operations, 27 November 2006, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-17, Air Mobility Operations, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-22, Foreign Internal Defense, 15 September 2007, interim change.Afdd 3-59, Weather Operations, incorporating Change 1, afdd 3-60, Targeting, incorporating Change 1, FDD 3-61, Public Affairs Operations, incorporating Change 1, 23 December 2010 afdd 3-70, Strategic Attack, interim Change 2, 1 November 2011 afdd 3-72, Nuclear Operations, incorporating Change 2, 14 December 2011 afdd.3, General Intelligence Rules, Incorporating Change 1, 17 September 2012 Air Force Instruction 16-110,.S.Afdd 3-50, Personnel Recovery Operations, interim Change 2, 1 November 2011.Supersedes: AFI 63- 125 ;.Weapon System Safety Program. # # Bugfixes # - AI should now never call their tributary overlord into an offensive war.
Reference ( afman 32-1094) to the Air Force Criteria for Precision Measurement Equipment.
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AR 700- 15 /navsupinst 4030.28E/afjman 24-206/MCO 4030.33E/dlar 4145.7.
Afdd 3-04, Countersea Operations, 15 September 2005, incorporating Change.