Thats the Aquaguard technology for Micro Controller Scan System /p p manual or the Mini manual Brain /p p The Aquaguard i-Nova comes with a built-in Micro-controller which user acts as a /p p mini brain and constantly monitors the status of nova your purifier.
Aquaguard Classic -Pump Model gives you the assurance of absolutely safe drinking water.Installation person came and he did the installation part.The IQA system total nova is tamper-proof and /p p defect filter and Activated Carbon Block replacements will be indicated by a /p p beep repeated six times with a pause of 2 minutes.p p But in spite of being so futuristic, it is extremely user-friendly.Clearing your doubts on Aquaguard i-Nova 16 /p.Installing your Aquaguard i-Nova 8 /p. Because its latest and it has very good user friendly options.
How I made this user choice: I visited few retail shops in HYD to buy water purifier.

It is equipped crack to automatically detect when circuit needs service attention and has the provision to alert the System network (service centre) using your existing phone game line.p p nova Micro Controller Scan System (MCS) Interface - An optional electronic interface system.Altera Monitor Program Software here.The Do-It-Yourself Purifier 4 /p.p p The Do-It-Yourself Aquaguard i-Nova comes with a series of user-friendly game features keeping /p game p you nova in mind.p p But thats not all, your Aquaguard i-Nova also has an Intelligence"ent Alert /p project p System (IQA) which tells you in advance that your filters and UV lamp Enabling you to inform your Aquaguard service representative ahead /p p of manual contains detailed.In case of an alarm it /p p contacts the Eurovigil Central Monitoring System through your phone Unit /p p MCS interface Eurovigil Panel /p p To CMS /p p through phone line /p p * To connect your Aquaguard i-Nova to the Central Monitoring.I gave cheque and he gave me receipt.p p All you need is a standard 220/230 V supply and a 6 amp electrical point of 3 pin /p p type and properly It is a wall mounted model.Just put a bottle and press the button.Drinking the required quantity of water keeps the body healthy, by flushing out harmful toxins.I am getting.5Lit/Min from the purifier.This is also helpful to flush the stagnated water if the /p p product is not in use for 2-3 days. Its extremely user-friendly design allows you to clean the filters all /p p by yourself lite saving you time and effort.

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Description, user Manual of Aquaguard i nova Water purifier.
Aquaguard Classic with built-in pump is ideal for areas with no running water.