Click on the punkbuster C: drive, or wherever you punkbuster have Battlefield 2 installed.
Type regedit in the text field battlefield and press.Warning: Changes to the registry can cause your computer to operate improperly, so please follow these instructions exactly as they are written.I hope less people are suffering battlefield with this annoying problem now!Select All under Export Range.You can also try here and us regular peeps will see what punkbuster we can do :P).Pb, of course, fills their website with tons of 'we can do no wrong!If hl2 punkbuster had pb, that would be just one more game i'm not buying!PunkBuster Online Countermeasures, try to play Battlefield 2, thats it!Here is the correct method straight from BF2Hub's discord: A correct BF2 installation is done as follows: Install BF2 (and if applicable Special Forces) with your normal DVD or digital download.Keep fighting the good fight!Getting rid of cheaters is our holy quest!' bs only because they are trying to get mega rich off licensing deals with big-name games!Repeat steps 5, 6, 7, and 8 immediately above for any other ControlSet folders you have, such as ControlSet002 or CurrentControlSet.Follow these steps to back-up the registry so that should something go wrong, you can restore your system back to a working punkbuster state: If you are using Windows 2000/XP/Vista, click on File, and select Export. Look punkbuster for PnkBstrA, PnkBstrB, and PnkBstrK, and if they exist, right-click on each one and select Delete.
Click the plus sign next to ControlSet001.

It sucks!) valve is smart to not use.This is a crack copy of a sony reply from EA games.Download and install Patch.5 ( ml technical ).Click the minus sign para next to ControlSet001.Click the plus keygen sign next to System.Click on Electronic Arts.Double-click on the My technical Computer icon.M, click the Uninstall button. (so far i've only tried q3 and sof2, but now that i know what's causing the problem, partition i have no reason to believe that every pb-enabled game won't have the same problem!
It's one of the saddest things i've ever seen.
You've now created a backup version of your registry.