best game improvement driver 2013

2mph less ball speed and nine yards less carry distance isnt bad for a improvement four-year-old driver.
Even after five years of being beaten around a golf improvement course this X Hot held its own in terms of numbers (just seven game yards back from the Jailbreak-equipped Rogue and our test pro reckoned hed happily use a driver this old game if it generated the.
Low and forward weighting appeared for the first time, creating high launch with low spin, a message used for virtually every major driver launch today.We reckon the biggest advance is in forgiveness, which is better with the latest models thanks to more weight being positioned to influence MOI.You only get all that knowledge by driver making and learning from previous models.Carbon crown: Five layers thick, it frees up inefficient mass high in the head.The G25s face is 2 percent larger than the G20, and has a 10 percent higher heel-to-toe inertia and a 17 percent higher top-to-bottom inertia than its predecessor.Now 11 years old, its incredible how the G10 driver was only Pings third mass-market titanium driver after the G2 and.Launched in: 2016 THE tech story: Carbon crown : Frees up inefficient mass high in the head.5: Engineers keep eking out performance.1 concern of most golfers who decide to go through a driver fitting, but it doesnt always lead to lower scores.Those fitters spent eight days with 33 game different testers of various ability levels evaluating a total of 22 different driver heads.Price now: From 87 at, launched in: 2013, tHE tech story: Low/Forward weighting: Gives a high launching, low spinning ball flight for more distance.We should say the Rogue boasts a much better MOI (forgiveness) performance, though.That allows the Alphas stock lofts of 9 degrees and.5 degrees to be adjusted from 8 degrees to 11 degrees and.5.5 degrees, respectively, in 1-degree increments.Its no wonder world.1 Dustin Johnson has one in the bag. See our 2018 drivers test here video review: Ping G400 MAX vs TaylorMade M4 vs Callaway Rogue The data: Our verdict: This is what 11 years of steady driver progress looks like.

TaylorMades drivers driver have changed radically in the timeframe were looking.The 913D2 (399) has a low, neutral center of gravity that allows it to manual work for a wide variety of golfers.Buy the Alpha, tech Talk: The Nike Team redesigned the second-generation Covert Tour, or Covert.0 Tour driver, with book a larger, more traditional pear-shaped head that not only improves the look of the club, but vastly improves its forgiveness.We consider each of these drivers to be a winner, which is why theyre listed in alphabetical order (Note: You can click the images of each driver to enlarge the text).What is a game improvement iron?Its one of the most well-rounded drivers weve ever tested and we cant think of many golfers whod be happy to sacrifice 10 yards of carry to game an older Ping model.For us it means if youve got the original M2 your driving manual is in safe hands, and if youve already plumped book for an M4 its a sound option, especially when you throw in how book youre likely to hit an extra fairway or two thanks.As long as your swing hasnt dramatically changed, a well-fitted driver is still a well fitted driver, even after three or four years in the bag.Once wed hit all 12 drivers we analysed the numbers to see how each performed.Callaway obviously learnt from the XR 16, as Rogues stretched head shape is very similar and great for protecting ball speed on off centre hits.Carbon composite crown: Freed up weight and saw Callaway collaborate book with Lamborghini.Review: Callaway razr Fit driver Original RRP: 329 Price now: From 63 at Launched in: 2012 THE tech story: 455cc head : Freed weight to influence shot bias. This is the story of how they got there.
Starting May 2, the driver will also be available with a white-painted crown.
Theres no adjustable hosel, so our test pro had no option but to hit the regular flex TFC Tour shaft fitted on our test club, which probably added a little extra to our ball speed and carry distance numbers.