beta commander patch supreme

Moved beta the back button for the lobby.
Ctrl A, S, L no longer select factories.
Fixed a bug that patch broke in-game alliances.Transferred 2600 from the HarbringerÃâs shield to its health Gifting Units beta to allies bugs fixed commander Eye of Rhianne remote viewing radius decreased from 45.Damage vs Units is unaltered, damage vs ACUs is 400 (from 100 vs buildings 800 damage (from 500).Cost (M, E, time) of T2 Gunships decreased.Fixed the "commander-in-the-transport" bug that inappropriately awarded upgrades supreme to commanders after taking a ride in supreme a transport.Overcharge and patch Energy Storage gameplay improvement. Various bug fixes and fixes for application crashes.

Units now wagoneer disable their shields manual when book being transported.Increase lifetime Speed on T3 Torpedo bomber torpedoes to avoid units outrunning them.The build rates for the Aeon siege assault bot and Cybran heavy assault bot have been decreased.This was causing stealth generator units to "flicker" when they were toggled off.Fixed lobby bug where lobby would launch real a grand game even when teams were not set up correctly. Start resources go to 4000E real from 5000E, ACUs now generate ardamax 20E instead of 10 to compensate.
Land Experimental cost increased 20, the cheaper ones increased more than the expensive ones (percentage wise).
T3 Mobile missile launchers damage full increased 100.