bicycle repair maintenance pdf

Thread the cable into the tube in maintenance the lever Cut the new cable outer to length with good-quality cable cutters.
If the drop-out has safety lips, the wheel will not come out of bicycle the fork at this stage.
In these steps the tyre is removed from the wheel to show clearly what is happening.
Reconnect the brake once the wheel is locked.It explains why a bike may be showing these symptoms and then suggests a solution, referring you to the pages where you will find a detailed sequence of steps to guide you.If they do not, you must put individual sprockets back in a certain way.Disc-specific hubs will also be required.Insert the cassette maintenance remover into the teeth of the lockring at the centre of the cassette.Glossary Glossary Terms in italic within an entry are defined under their own headings within the glossary.There are usually four retaining bolts.The tyres are the component bicycle that maintenance make contact with the ground.Chains Joining a split-link chain Thread a new chain through the jockey wheels and around the biggest chainring and smallest sprocket.Sprocket A cog turned by the chain.Screwing the top cup upwards allows this to happen.Continue to unscrew the lockring with the Take off the smallest sprocket after you have removed the lockring.The stem is secured into the steerer by an expander bolt which, as it is tightened, draws a wedge up inside the quill. 1 Removing a freewheel block Parts of a freewheel and a cassette Sprocket Freewheel maintenance mechanism Sprockets Inner side ridges of cassette Freewheel Lockring Cassette Toolbox Spanners Cassette remover Chain whip Block repair remover Grease Remove the quick-release skewer and insert the block remover into the teeth.
The result can be a blow-out during the course of a single ride.
6 Use the drifts to tap the hub down so that the axle goes all the way into the bearing.

Make sure that all tools are to hand since the rising Put the manual other end of the tube into a chaos plastic next steps require you to be organized.This is usually stamped on the hub and the number of gears is indicated on the shifter.Chainset The assembly of chainrings and cranks.The fork must be checked for wear and lubricated regularly.If you are working cords on a rear hub, you need to remove the cassette street by following the steps.667 before tackling the steps in this sequence.Cartridge hub 2 Rest the hub flange between two blocks of wood held in a vice. Use a heavier, wet oil rather than the oil you would normally apply during the summer.
The heel windows of your rising hand if the wheel does not drop forwards and out of the frame.

These safety lips prevent the wheel falling out bicycle repair maintenance pdf in the unlikely event of the lever becoming unlocked while you ride.
You will probably have to repeat this step four or five times before the bubbles in the tube completely disappear.
Pedal cleats Take off your shoes and continue the mark you made with a straight line across the sole of your shoe, from outside to inside.