This process usually works for resetting any router to airstation it's factory setting.
Unplug it from the manual computer.User Manuals airstation for WCR-GN, do you still have questions concerning the router that you can't find online?(Use a paper clip or something sharp).p p 2 Power LED (Green) On: The AC adapter is connected Off: The AC adapter is not connected /p p 3 Security LED (Amber) Indicates security status.While still holding the reset button down, turn on the power to manual the unit again and airstation hold for another 30 seconds.p p Main unit /p p Detachable antenna /p p Stand /p p AC adapter /p p LAN cable /p p AirNavigator CD Quick Setup 1 Product User Manual 7 /p p Hardware Panel LED's /p p 1 Antenna connector Screw on the antenna here.If that doesn't work be sure to check out buffalo the questions and answers incase someone airstation else has had similar problems resetting their router.Default factory settings for Buffalo WCR-GN.Note: Flashing custom firmwares is always on you're on own risk. Please consider that not only will settings like IP address, username and password be set to factory settings, but all configurations you may have made will as well.
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84You forgot AirStation's ssid, manual Encryption Key, or Password.

While holding the gilera reset button pressed, unplug the power of the router and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.p p 150 Mbps High Speed Mode150 Mbps is the link speed of WCR-GN when using Wireless-N mode.Mbps, N-Technology provides performance and range superior to that of 802.11g wireless prod- ucts.p p 3 Plug the LAN cable from the modem into the Internet (WAN).p p Note: When the unit is first turned on or restarted, the Diag LED will five blink for almost a minute during boot.After you have successfully executed the steps mentioned above, the configuration of the router will be reset to factory settings.Below are the device manuals available airstation for your WCR-GN.IP address:, username: root, password: blank series Preconfigured Wi-Fi settings, sSID: winzip on a sticker on the routers xxcrack-xenocoder case.p p 2 Find the LAN cable that connects your computer and modem.85The link speed is slower than 150 Mbps (Maximum link speed is only 72Mbps). Client Manager software is included for Windows 7, Vista and.
Note: It is worth reading more about build how to reset routers with the reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting.