TQ09K3, disguise, gEC3MD, extra cheat Toggle (extra Free mode characters).
Smash Gordon (20 Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn's Hammer.Freeze's Kart RDT637 Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck JUK657 The Jokers Van DUS483 Garbage Truck TTF453 xbox Robin's Submarine VJD328 Police Watercraft codes PLC999 Police Boat BTN248 Penguin Goon Submarine icyice.Poison Ivy: Successfully complete the xbox "Green Fingers" level.Crusader (25 Complete the codes third episode - Hero.Scarecrow's Bi-Plane: Successfully complete the "Biplane Blast" level.LK2DY4 Stud Magnet, dY13BD Character Studs, zXGH9J xbox Minikit Detector.This will get rid of xbox the Brainiac lego tentacles on the top of the stairs, and fire should replace them.You Can Bank On Batman- Hidden on the left side of the cage that Clayface stands.(20 points Build the giant lego Robot. An Icy Reception: In the building behind the catwalk after you find the ice cream on the floor, you must glide to the Power Brick from where you built the grappling grab spot.
Natural Habitat (10 Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter.
No character codes yet!

Roll the car in there, then mind control the person to manual pull the second lever.(10 points Shock 30 people with Joker's hand buzzer.D8nywh Flaming Batarang (Heat Protection Suit).Break the crates, build the switch, cross the bridge, and complete the glass sculpture.Dressed to Impress (20 points Get all player suit upgrades.Blow it open, and go inside.(20 Defeat Catwoman 9 times.Gloves: Caucasian Face: Angry Hair: Long black Torso: Plain white Arms: Caucasian Legs: Blue Belt: Brown Weapon: Batarang Characters in lego batman: Submitted by: zev123 service you cheat can use my unlockable by going to the expirement viper room scary batman: Black batman helmet Black gloves Black cape.For now (50 points 100 game completion.On The Rocks: In the first room after you go inside, freeze all of the ice cream floats, and go across them.Hero and Villain Level Unlocks: Unlock the following characters and vehicles by performing the actions below: Alfred Pennyworth - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge" Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge" Catwoman - Complete the Villain Level "Stealing the.Vigilante (25 Rescue 25 civilians. Gloves - Caucasian Face - Normal Caucasian Belt - Black Pants - Black Arms - Black Torso - Alfred Pennyworth Hair - Short black Weapon manual - Pistol Hints for Tim Drake (Robin III) created character: Use the following customizations.
Just north and a little west of the statue is a rocky hill media with crystals sticking manual out.