New performance and heroes lag indicators have been added to the patch Online.
Tasks, edit, city all placeable objects now have sound and increased brightness of pulse.
They are heroes now resistant to cold and vulnerable to fire instead of the other way around.
City OF heroes, edit, powers.City OF villains, edit, powers.Edit, fixed Smasher Elite and Shivan gladiator badges.Report problems with download.Mal'Ganis Tank 20190710malganis malganis Medivh Support 20190710medivh medivh Mephisto Ranged Assassin 20190710mephisto mephisto Orphea Ranged Assassin 20190710orphea orphea Rehgar Healer heroes 20190710rehgar rehgar Sgt.Light and Medium Vehicles can no longer crush Axis Tank Traps.Removed De-Toggle effect from Longbow Ballista and Wardens.Sonic Siphon should no longer flood the Combat page heroes with messages.Falstad, ranged Assassin 20190710falstad falstad, greymane, ranged Assassin 20190710greymane greymane, illidan.This website is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment in any way.Heroes, hero, last Balance, first Released, ana.City Zones, edit, warburg: All characters in Safe Zones gain a high resistance to Confuse powers for as long as they remain in the Safe Zone.Edit, increased the effectiveness of Brute/Energy Aura powers (Kinetic Shield, Dampening Field, Power Shield, Energy Protection, and Energy Cloak). Contents show, combined notes, edit, game, edit, improved game stability.
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Hammer Ranged Assassin 20190710sgthammer sgthammer Sonya Bruiser 20190710sonya sonya Valeera Melee Assassin 20190710valeera valeera patch Valla Ranged Assassin 20190710valla valla Yrel Bruiser 20190710yrel yrel Zeratul Melee Assassin 20190710zeratul zeratul Alarak Melee Assassin 20190522alarak alarak Blaze Tank 20190522blaze blaze city Deckard Healer 20190522deckard deckard Garrosh Tank 20190522garrosh garrosh.

City Zones, edit, outbreak: Updated Tutorial with more images.Tasks, edit, villains who have used the respec granted by the first respec trial will now be properly granted the respec from the second quiz trial.Edit, codec ice Armor/Energy Absorbtion allows the amount setup of endurance returned to be increased by Enhancements properly now.Fixed issue where all unfinished defensive structures did not take more damage from all weapons.Deathsurge should now be resistant to Energy.Both Ranked and Custom games now default to random starting locations.Morales Healer 20190123ltmorales ltmorales Malfurion Healer 20190123malfurion malfurion Murky Melee Assassin debt 20190123murky murky Nova Ranged Assassin 20190123nova nova The Lost Vikings Support setup 20190123thelostvikings thelostvikings Auriel Healer 20181219auriel project auriel 19dva dva Fenix Ranged Assassin 20181211fenix fenix Tassadar Support 20181211tassadar tassadar Genji Ranged Assassin 20181128genji genji Tyrande.Patch note history by hero and battleground for Heroes of the Storm.Fixed bug where the Axis Halftrack Flammenwerfer upgrade cost fuel.Healer 20190710ana ana, anduin, healer 20190710anduin anduin, anub'arak, tank 20190710anubarak codec anubarak.A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names, ranks and loading bars. Fixed a bug with resistances for Deathsurge.
Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Brokers from introducing players to mid-to-high level Contacts.