In "Power Up you could escape the Gargantua in the first game through a game door while he was distracted with killing marines, and he would forget about you until you wandered in again.
Initially believed to crack be a simple easter egg The Pizza is a Lie!
You can also place the chair near the edge of crack the elevator platform before the elevator falls, which actually stops the thing from falling.
Ludicrous Gibs game : While the NPCs and enemies sadly don't burst into chunky, high-flying gibs from falling a great height/repeatedly hammering their corpse with a crowbar/low-level explosions, it's made up for by individual body parts coming off by damage applied, and you can still see.Welcome to Corneria : Some of the friendly NPC dialogue to each other doesn't match up, or turns into unusual cases of Deadpan Snarker : "Do you have any idea what's going on?" "Yes, sir." On the other hand, this can be averted in scripted.Zigzagged in Surface Tension.You will see large black voids in the levels if you look back the way you came.Eventually, this allowed for the multiplayer portion game of the game to finally become playable, but only on the Steam version.8:47 MST being the time that Gordon gets on the tram in Black Mesa Inbound.While going through the game you can see safety posters and equipment around the environment (the labs in "Questionable Ethics for example, are rigged so the personnel are never exposed to the testing conditions) as well as handrails and safety fences everywhere (in fact, "Residue.Artistic License Military : The Marines will refer to their medical personnel as medics.If you kill the sniper before he shoots the scientist however, the scientist remains on the field forever kneeling before the now dead security guard.Surface Tension was originally cut in length, but that was more due to one of the developers quitting in the 11th hour and leaving a chunk of it unfinished; crack an update patch to the retail version eventually added in the missing portion of the chapter.Interface Screw : Taking damage causes a brief "chromatic aberration" effect that worsens with the severity of the hit.This was patched in the retail release.The soldiers make full use of this, drawing mesa in the scientists before executing them.This also goes for the security guards.In order to fix a crash, HEV crystal chargers temporarily do not have a dynamic light. There are also exploding plants in Xen; a couple of segments involve tight locations with lots of those plants where allowing any kind of impact will result in death.
Some of it's pretty funny.
a number of cryptic hints and puzzles were found scattered throughout the game, and as forum users made progress solving puzzles, more layers were discreetly revealed by the developers.

Gas Mask Mooks : The hecu Marines, just as they were in the patch battle original middle game, with the exception of the Commanders, who like in the original just wear crimson berets.The US Marine task force attempting to cover-up the disaster at Black Mesa, the "Hazardous Environment Combat Unit" or "hecu are unilaterally portrayed as monstrous, callously joking about raping female scientists at the least note Although the related dialogue lines have been removed in the Steam.Marine 1 : Let's get this over with, my dogs are barking.And this time, you can hear the trapped scientists - one's screaming for help, another's sobbing that she doesn't want to die.Art Evolution : This game's art style is multiplayer noticeably more grounded and realistic than the original Half-Life 's.There are a lot of scientists complaining about shoddy or unsafe equipment, albeit of a more mundane variety, while the player is first touring the facility. It's also rather funny when you realize crack that not only are the military trying to eliminate the Black Mesa Research patch Facility, they're doing battle so with gear from the company's primary competitor.
They can take more hits and had their attack speed increased significantly (it was all too easy to completely avoid their attacks in the original).
Smoldering Shoes : The guard who overcharges the Tau Cannon is reduced to this, though as in the original, various parts of him can be seen around the room.

Marines do not use medics, they have corpsmen, who are actually from the Navy and have been crack game black mesa specially trained to work and fight alongside the Marines.
Offscreen Teleportation : Aside from the aliens that are teleporting into the facility as part of the plot, we have the guards and scientists that follow Gordon.
Nerf : The MP5 is a mixed case.