Source: RSA 407-D:4 Aftermarket parts cracked must be of like kind and quality Source: RSA 407-D:3.
An insurer may use aftermarket parts, windshield if cracked they are ticket of like kind and quality (used ticket parts are acceptable).Dam., in excess of 1000) Rules of the Road / Signs and Signals - Article 24 1102 Fail to obey order of police/flag person 1110 (a) Failed to obey traffic control device/police sign 1111 (a)1 Fail to yield with green light 1111 (a)2 Fail.We have collected state-by-state information from different sources, we hope youll find and answer to your question below.Description of Violation 207 5, misuse / unlawful disposal of uniform traffic summons.(alcohol) 1192.W.I.Source: cracked SL Tennessee (TN) Nothing unique to windshields.Insurers may only use aftermarket parts (defined as sheet metal or plastic parts) if they disclose this to the consumer on the estimate.Source: North Dakota (ND) Nothing unique to windshields.Source, and maybe whether it windshield is replaced or repaired accorind.Please see our terms of service for more details.Source: State of Maine Bureau ticket of Insurance Maryland (MD) Nothing unique to windshields.Insurers can use used and aftermarket parts in some cases, if the parts are of like, kind, and quality sic.After-market parts may be used, if stated on the estimate, and the parts are at least equal in like, kind and quality in terms of fit, quality and performance. Source: State of New York Insurance Department North Carolina (NC) Aftermarket parts must be of equal to the original parts in fit, quality, performance and warranty, and the insurer must write on the estimate that they are using such parts.

Consumers may crack choose direct a repair shop of their choice, and consumers may insist on OEM ticket parts for vehicles less than 2 years old with less than 30,000 miles on them.Consumer is entitled to an estimate, which must identify if parts are Aftermarket parts are only allowed if they are at least equal to the OEM parts (kind, quality, safety, fit, and performance) source: section 2695.8(g) of Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations.Is there a deductible?99-014-AB New Jersey (NJ) Nothing unique to windshields; unknown if aftermarket parts are treated differently than OEM parts.Insurers may use aftermarket crash parts (nonmechanical sheet metal or plastic parts) ticket if mentioned in the estimate.The broad language of this requirement means that it is up to the ticketing officers discretion as to whether the cracks, chips engine or defects affect the drivers ability to see while driving.Will your car pass inspection ticket with a broken windshield?Aftermarket parts may be used if they are equal or exceed the comparable OEM crash part in terms of fit, form, finish, quality and performance, and if used must appear on the estimate.Statutes 72A.201, subd 6, clause (7) Mississippi (MS) Nothing unique to windshields.Source: 20 CSR 100-1.050 2(F) Montana (MT) Nothing unique to windshields.Consolidated Laws of New York's VTL code. Insurers can use aftermarket or used parts, crack if they are like kind and quality.