Best Answer: i use this one: no viruses or anything i can see, and it works, lots don't work right, this one lets you hero make custom items editor and everything, i gave my editor pally a clay golem.
3) Hero Editor usually requires that you are using an English version of Windows and your computer is set for single byte letters/Unicode, diablo NOT multiple byte letters/UniCode.
Credit to ZonFire99 m, addendum: Windows Vista, 7 and Later OS : You will need to right click the Hero Editor installer and run as Administrator.AlexTheArtist 8 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment).If using WinXP, it might also help to right-click on Hero Editor.Changes from.03.04 (October 16, 2010 - editor added the 5 new items (Token of Absolution, etc.) - set the Gold limit version for the Stash to the new flat cap - mass Stat removal added (e.g.If version you are the only user of your computer, then probably already have Administrator rights.Hero Editor Version.04 - Final - This Popular Editor works for all versions of Diablo II LoD in Single Player TCP/IP Multiplayer Modes.2) After you have installed and started Hero Editor, press and release the F1 key, and a Help file will pop up that will give you a description about how to use some of the features of Hero Editor. Installation and usage: 1) If you are using Windows 2000, NT, or XP, then make sure you have Administrator rights when you install Hero Editor.
5) Make sure you have your screen resolution set to at least 800x600, or you won't see the buttons at the bottom of Hero Editor.

Changes patch from.96.03 (December 6, 2008 - added support for.03 (partial) and.07 - added reanimate monsters fixed stash/inv/cube size to manual allow up to break 16x16 (not 8x16) - fixed corpse/dead bodies re now up to 12 items can be recovered.4) If pictures don't seem to line up properly, arabic you style probably need to set your screen to use Small Fonts.(note: I have never had this problem, but others tell me this solved the problem for them.) From your Control Panel (Start Settings Control Panel) run Regional Settings, look for something about Unicode.Source(s fire Did it a month ago.Jamella Diablo 2 Hero Editor.0b. If not, you will probably get errors about not having various windows files installed correctly, or that you cannot fire copy files, such as the T file.
Diablo.14 patch, blizzard changed the default save game path.14 patch crusade versions to: C:Users(my user name)Saved GamesDiablo II, search there for your character save game files.

If set incorrectly, you will probably get error messages such as "unknown stat found: diablo 2 hero editor version 1.13d 21".
Hero Editor Version.04 - Final.
Exe, select Properties, and in the Compatibility tab, select Windows 95 mode.