Part xbox 3 Patching the games ISO xbox File 1 Extract the i folder.
Doing so will search for the abgx360 program.
2 Copy the "abgx360" file.It's in the upper-left side of the window.10 Check the "User downloaded games specified" option.See 3 for more games details.You can do this with a tool called abgx360, xbox aUR, which can be found in the. Next, click, install, click, close when prompted.
Replace /dev/sr0 with the path to downloaded your dual layer drive.
If you use a stealth firmware, you will need to patch your backup.

We use dial game cookies to make wikiHow great.9 Click the dial version Write tab.6 Click the folder icon.Click and dial drag the "Average Disk Queue Length" slider right until fashion it reads "5.0".They are burned on dual layer games dvdr discs.4, download and install abgx360. 3 Click the Mode tab.
If your game takes up more space than that, you will need multiple DVDs.

This file will allow you to downloaded xbox 360 games connect to the abgx360 server, which is necessary for patching your ISO file later.
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