drinkwell 360 pet fountain manual

Turn to the right, to increase the flow fountain of water.
3) For replacement filters, visit a pet store near you or call.
Once the cord is fountain aligned (See.
fountain 3b /p p DO NOT RUN DRY - FOR indoor household USE onlycongratulations on your new Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain!3a) Press down on the pump to engage the suction manual cups.4) Filter: The cylindrical filter features a pull-tab at the top and should be placed in the Filter Housing fountain with the tab facing upwards for easy placement and removal.p p Filter Housing Cap /p p Pump amp; Low drinkwell Voltage Adapter Inline plug Cord Clips /p p Fig.Stator Intake Plate manual /p p Pump /p p Impeller /p p m /p.C) Replace the intake plate.5) Once the motor is disassembled you can clean the parts with warm soapy water. 3) Align the cone so that the cord runs through the cord notch while keeping the pump in its original position.
Place the chosen spout on top of Filter Housing Lid and gently press down to secure in place.
Gently push down to secure in place.

Transcript p instructions pertaining TO; risk bluesoleil OF fire, electric shock OR harm TO persons /p version p important safety instructions warning: Whenfollowed, including the following: using electric appliances, basic precautions should episode always be1) windows Read all the instructions before using appliance.Position the pump so that the circular opening on the top, is in the upper right hand corner or true center of the bowl.Most likely, the intake tube will still be manual attached to the bottom of the filter housing 5) Lift up the stainless steel cone and set aside for bluesoleil cleaning.2 /p p m /p.You can also put the fountain in the dishwasher.Por favor, lea detenidamente este manual antes de empezar.This will prime the pump for use.p p pump maintenancecleaning the pump is essential to the longevity of the fountain as well as the cleanliness of the water.p p THE fountain AND rescuer your environmentif you live in a humid environment and have problems with mold or algae, simply soak all of the parts in a diluted bleach solution for about 10 minutes after regular cleaning.By pushing the Filter Housing all the way down to the rubber gasket, the housing should easily attach to the intake tube.With the two-prong end on the outside of the bowl (See Fig.Bitte lesen Sie die ganze Gebrauchsanleitung aufmerksam durch, ehe Sie beginnen.4 gently place the cone piece into resting position.Were committed to giving you expert advice to ensure you always receive the very best.6) Choose your preferred Spout Ring (1 spout up to 5 spouts) and place on top of the Filter Housing Cap, press it gently into place. This is also an excellent way to disinfect the fountain.
If town you have hard water you may start to see white mineral deposits on or inside the pump.

2) Replace the Intake Tube into the circular opening on the top of the pump.
5,799,609 and 5,842,437 /p p operating instructions drinkwell 360 pet fountain manual /p p 3) Place the pump inside the indention in the bowl.
To avoid having to replace the pump:.