dsc pk5500 keypad installation manual

If a device operates from batteries, it is possible for the installation batteries to fail.
Changing the Buzzer Level.Important Information: Changes or keypad modifications not expressly approved by Digital Security Controls could void the user s authority to operate this equipment.A reevaluation manual must be manual done during and after any construction activity.When you are in the key- pad programming sections, the 1 _ _ 4 _ _ _ _ keypad will display which manual options are turned on along the top of the display.defects caused by failure to provide a suitable installation environment for the products; damage caused by use of the products for purposes other than those for which it was designed; damage from improper installation maintenance; damage arising out of any other abuse, mishandling or improper application.Enter the 3-digit section number for the label to be programmed. An alarm system also is not a substitute for property owners, renters, or other occupants to act prudently to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of an emergency situation.
Move screwdriver manual toward the back plastic and lift as in the following diagram.

Use all 4 screws provided unless mounting on a single gang box.If more than one LCD keypad is present on the system, labels programmed at one keypad can be broadcast to all other LCD keypads.In such biohazard cases, DSC can replace or credit at its option.The expected battery life is a function of the device environment, usage and gujarati type.To connect the zone, quantitative run one wire from the device to the P/Z terminal and quantitative the other wire from the device to the B (black) terminal.O 1 6 Beeps Disabled OF 2 Bing-Bing Sound Disabled OF 3 Ding-Dong Sound Disabled OF 4 Alarm Tone Disabled OF 5-8 For Future Use 994 Initiate Global Keypad Chime Broadcast 995 Reset Keypad Options to Factory Default 996 Label Default 997 View Software Version.Under no circumstances shall Digital Security Controls be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability, or any other legal theory.Locks and latches on windows and doors must be secure and operate as intended.Applying Power Once all wiring is complete, and the equipment is secured to the building structure with at least two screws apply power to the control dead panel:.Regardless of its capabilities, an alarm biohazard system warfare is not a substitute for property or life insurance.This will unhook one side of the front plastic.This systems wireless transmitters have been designed to provide several years of battery life under normal conditions. Output to8 1to Door Chime Sound Programming You can program the keypad to make up to four different door chime sounds for individual zones.
Remove keypad from hooks.
There may be circumstances when the system will operate as intended, yet the occupants will not be protected from the emergency due to their inability to respond to the warnings in a timely manner.