When a"d exclamation reference reference falls at the beginning of a reference sentence, insert an exclamation point (not a comma) before the closing"tion mark.
When reference the elements that make up a compound adjective come elsewhere in a sentence, do not hyphenate them if they tenth occur in a normal form and in a normal word order.
(NOT: Marcia and.) Slide.401b, 403a, 413a, 418a.Interrupting: We can wait for a week, cant we, to manual see what happens?Swenson, together with edition her husband and her daughter, is edition going to Arizona.(NOT: yours) The responsibility is theirs. Compound Nouns as Adjectives.

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When a"d sentence falls at the end of a larger sentence, insert a comma before the opening"tion mark if the"tion is introduced by a simple phrase like She said.