The UI vista is not the fanciest out there but it gets client the job done.
This is an extremely powerful feature for me since I support more client than one Exchange system.
Emails are not something client easy to learn but hard to master.
Pavel Otta, i wanted a desktop calendar program as good as iCal for Mac, and the calendar component of eM Client is certainly that.A freeware utility for fine-tuning your Outlook Express.In addition to that, users can also design and modify their plug-ins as per their requirement.Gmail Manager 237 vista KB Freeware Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista/ XP This is a Firefox extension that client allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications.I was looking for a mixture of Thunderbird and Outlook and eM Client just has the best of both.I have a "relatively slow" Internet connection, and Outlook would fall over repeatedly, timing out, regardless of how I configured.Some of the special features that put Mailbird at the top of the list are: Free visual customizing (choose from tons of free themes).Spent most of my time doing research in forums, for how to solve problems, and got fed up with.Gmail Notifier.62 MB Freeware Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista/ XP Gmail Notifier alerts you when you have new email messages in your mailbox.Imap:Yes, pOP3:Yes, see All Specs, jean Roses's Experience, i'm able to have several email accounts, and I like its simplicity.The Best Email Client for Windows.Search and filtering, importing files from external formats are other features. Different Email clients have strived to be better than their competition bringing innovative ideas to present client you with all this information in a simple manner that you can easily go through at a glance.
Great piece of software!

Read, view, open, convert and save the manual files on winmail.Thunderbird kind of worked but was a royal pita to transmission work with (or at least to configure it to the way I deluxe wanted it to work).These are only a few of the multiple useful features that Mailbird has.KB Freeware Win 10 / 8 portugues / 7 / Vista / XP sprite OutlookAttachView scans all email messages stored in your Outlook and displays the list of all attached cracker files that it finds.Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007 updates your Office with the latest definition to decide which emails are junk.Top Features: The program accounts for faster, hassle-free operation helping the users save time with features like auto-sorts, manual filtering, and rich text support Auto-sorts and easy indexing of mailing lists and attachments.But in this modern age of information, the information itself can get overwhelming.I've tried a few other email clients that bring together my four different accounts but none were as good.The translator, quick reply option, emojis, phishing detectors, GitHub info bar and other indicator add on to the programs functionality.I found manual eM Client and I am a happy camper again. The app features push notifications and Start Live Tiles.