Fixed government change diplomatic effect.
Requirements, clean Razor1911 installation (incl.Added small total ships on domestic trade routes from the trade nodes to home regions moving in the correct direction,.e.Fixed middle mouse button camera drag stopping working occasionally.Empire with even more options on the battlefield as you improve cracked your tactics and defeat your enemies.Greater diversification of update stats between different unit types designed to emphasise total differences and improve balance.userscloud (4GB Files) t/nahpcys, tired of Slow Download Speeds, Long Waiting Times and Downloads Getting Interrupted.Muzzle velocity of round shot for cannons increased to make them fire lower and bounce more, accuracy also increased.Part 5 Part update 6 ETW_Update_6-RazorDOX.3 (rapidshare) ml ml Part 1 Part 2 (iMirror megaupload) ml ml Part 1 Part 2 Install Notes. AI update will no longer counter-offer and ask for more money than the player update has available.

Faction specific text is now buffalo used in diplomacy.With a strong charge and recovery fearsome attack, these riders make short empire work of those basic who would oppose a Prussian monarch.Accuracy of 18 lbr ultimate horse guard artillery restored.Running fatigue penalty for heavy and para light cavalry reduced from -3/-2 to -2/-1.This makes loading times faster and reduces any instances of 'stuttering.' Unit group sounds have also been improved, for more realistic group movement.Changed background income for minor factions.Exe is located.Credited to: Razor1911 "Use as backup purpose only empire: Total War file Update ranger 5 6 (C) Sega, date.Spot distance for light infantry, skirmishers, irregulars, light cavalry and missile cavalry increased allowing them to spot hidden units at longer distances.Release name: Empire Total War v1 4 Update repack-skidrow.Reload time increased slightly. Audio, sound loading has been made asynchronous, so heavy disc access is reduced to a minimum.
The primary sound library (Miles DLL) has been updated to stop occasional clicking.
Mob formation added in for Native American, irregular and some skirmisher units.