# # Usermodding # # Effects - New province-scope effect 'add_siberian_construction size'.
U-Tsang and Guge now use their Buddhist unit pack units with artillery as well.
Fixed so Banners without Mandate of Heaven actually give Discipline and just doesn't pretend like it - Fixed Duplicate mean time to happen clause in Civil war Event.
Auvergne, universalls Foix and Armangac now use the nocd Hundred Years War Infantry for artillery as well.Europa Universalis 3 oynayarak ticaret, sava ve diplomasi alanlarnda yeteneklerinizi.Fixed the province of Jangladesh not belonging to a universalls Trade Company.AI emperors now more europa interested in unifying religion of HRE.Fixed a couple of faulty modifier triggers for enlightenment institution spread.Blocked conquest missions that were possible despite the HRE outlawing wars.Alert for Make State will no longer appear for states where all your provinces belong to a trade company.Consort Event 61 "A Royal Influence" can no longer convert a center of Reformation.The Aristocratic Idea international Diplomacy now also gives 1 free leaders.Added outliner icon to armies when they are sieging."border_distance" and "capital_distance" variable exportables now use "who" and "with" to determine targets.Added "grant_independence yes" effect.Fixed OOS after enabling/disabling nocd heir or consort universalls in Nation Designer.Fixed europa disabled heirs/consorts not working properly when saving/loading Custom Nations.Converting provinces now gives.1 karma per development. Tsardom and Principalities now have three new unique abilities, Reform Sudebik to reduce autonomy by 10 in all provinces.
Fixed bug which could make the Japanese mission to colonize Taiwan trigger europa when it was already fulfilled.
Improved the can create state alert tooltip with icons.

# Economy - AI merchant republics no longer make states taking them over the 20 province limit, although still trying to koontz keep episode their size below 20 to start with.Further attempts to make HRE emperor act to keep the diversity in hawaii the empire.Colonies get 1 Liberty Desire per manual every 1 tariffs rate.Allied objectives given to other countries are now shown as map icons.Boosted aristocratic idea event effects.Fixed that Interregnums recording created with special name through scripts were just called Interregnum.Added separatists_become_subjects to subject type.Europa Universalis IV: Art of War.Added Rostov tag (vassal of Muscovy in 1444).Revised and balanced Russian National koontz Ideas. Europa Universalis IV: Pre-Order Pack.
No longer blocked from renaming provinces in Single Player if the MP setting winzip for renaming provinces is disabled.

Europa Universalis IV: Call-to-Arms Pack, europa Universalis IV: Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack.
The Royal Heretic Consort Event europa universalls 3 nocd crack can no longer trigger for Tengri countries.
Europa Universalis IV: Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack.