Delete 'hkey_local_machinesoftware Classes clsid if it exists.
Dll Flags: dontcopy, source: "A.dll Flags: dontcopy.This utility displays the list of all exported called called functions and their virtual memory addresses for the specified DLL files.By default, this is C:Windows (Windows 95/98/Me/XP) or C:winnt (Windows NT/2000).Browse to the key: 'hkey_local_machine example software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run'.Use delay loading if you example want to call a DLL function for which you don't know whether it will actually be available at runtime: if the DLL function can't be called, the Pascal script will still run but throw an exception when you try.In order to extract example an arbitrary file in a solid-compressed installation, Setup must first decompress all prior files (to a temporary buffer in memory).During Setup, a special 'files prefix may also be used to instruct Setup to automatically extract one or more DLLs from the Files section before loading the first DLL.If your function has for example prototype function A(B: Integer Integer the following three forms are supported: Code function A(B: Integer Integer; external function A(B: Integer Integer; external callingconvention function A(B: Integer Integer; external callingconvention options The first form specifies that the DLL function should.If you use a 'files prefix and solid compression is enabled, be sure to list your DLLs at (or near) the top of the Files section.Source: "B.dll Flags: dontcopy, code procedure MyDllFunc(hWnd: Integer; lpText, lpCaption: AnsiString; uType: Cardinal external '[email protected]:MyDll.You called can easily copy the memory address of the desired function, paste it into your debugger, and set a breakpoint for this memoery address.An example (of the second form) if the DLL function has name example 'A2' inside the DLL, the DLL has name 'MyDll.To be able to call a DLL function you should first write the function prototype as normal but instead of then writing the function body, you use the 'external' keyword to specify a DLL.Please notice that you must follow the instructions very carefully and delete everything that is mentioned. Specifies that the DLL should be loaded using the Windows flag load_with_altered_search_path, which, in essence, causes the loader to search for any dependent DLLs in the directory containing the DLL.

Valid calling conventions are: 'stdcall' (the default 'cdecl 'pascal' and 'register'.Open the "s" file in the "Examples" prairie subdirectory in your Inno Setup directory for an example script using DLLs.Uninstallonly, specifies that the DLL should only be loaded when the script is running from Uninstall.In most cases the removal will fail if one single item is not deleted.(The Run dialog will appear.) Type regedit and click.In the right pane, delete the values called 'BookedSpace 'Bsx3 'bxsx5' and 'bxxs5 if they exists.We do not recommend downloading this file.All standard Win32 API functions use 'stdcall' just like most custom DLL functions.The C# example shows how to make your.NET assemblies callable some by the Pascal script.(The registry editor will open.).For kawasaki example: If you want to break each time that a message box is going to be displayed, simply put breakpoints on the memory addresses of called message-box called functions: MessageBoxA, MessageBoxExA, and MessageBoxIndirectA (or MessageBoxW, MessageBoxExW, and MessageBoxIndirectW in unicode based applications) When one of the.Additionally.NET assemblies can be called.Dll' and the DLL function uses the 'stdcall' calling convention: Code function A(B: Integer Integer; external ' stdcall Constants may be used in the DLL filename.Delete the following files: WinDirbs2.dll, winDirbs3.dll, winDirrem00001.dll, winDiroo4.dll, winDirbsx5.dll, winDirbxxs5.dll, note: WinDir is a variable (?). If BookedSpace remains on your system after stepping through called the removal instructions, please double-check by stepping through them again.

Start the registry editor.
This does not happen if you specify delay example c dll called by loading using 'delayload'.