One of the extreme best parts about this book is how Webster acknowledges and extreme teaches techniques from all different types of metal bass-playing, not just the technical death metal for which hes known.
The exercises themselves are immensely useful.
Hes also a member of the insanely technical and bass progressive extreme metal three-piece Blotted Science, another band I would gladly recommend, and he has performed session work with bass Erik Rutans Hate Eternal.
This exclusive book/CD pack provides detailed, hands-on training, featuring vital bass guitar techniques and concepts.Being a guitar player by trade and a bassist metal by hobby, Ive noticed an book obvious improvement in my playing just by attempting to master the scales and hand techniques.What is My Library?Extreme Metal Bass, alex Webster - Hal Leonard Corporation.Select a Product, my Library, select ProductBass Guitar Book CD with Tab #10294560.Extreme Metal Bass will supply the bass skills you crave.Webster does, however, focus solely on playing finger-style bass, but he states in the introduction that the exercises can be done beneficially with a pick metal as well.Most of us metal brethren know him as the longtime and original bassist for Cannibal Corpse.Extreme Metal Bass also includes an enhanced audio CD with demonstration and play-along tracks of all the examples in the book, plus play-along midi drum files for optimum practicing.No matter what brand of metal you subscribe to - from classic metal to modern metal and beyond.Extreme Metal Bass further demonstrates how these techniques can be applied in real-life situations within the context of a song.Now that Ive had a chance to purchase my own copy and work with it for a while, I can honestly say that any bassist who plays metal of any style or form would serve themselves well to check out this book.Alex Webster is a musician who really needs no introduction, but hes going to get a little one here anyway since bass hes a musician and a person whom I greatly admire and respect.Writing bass lines for speed-picked guitar parts. This wasnt an issue with me since I play finger-style anyway, but it is worth noting.
Important scales, intervals, and chords for extreme metal.
Doom and sludge.

He provides excellent examples from thrash, power, and death metal and even sludge.My bass-playing sounds noticeably tighter and smoother since starting to crack go through this book.Clearly, this a man who knows how to play a bass guitar.When you hear the book guy speak, he exudes an aura of musical intelligence that grafik is hard to match in the world of metal or any genre of music.When I discovered last year that Webster was releasing a bass technique book, as a musician, it definitely peaked my interest.I know there are crack a lot of you out there who frequent Global Domination are musicians, so I figured I would show code some love and try to give you guys something that was exclusively just for you.Inside is a wealth of useful information that is sure to make any metal bassist better at playing his or her instrument as well as a better musician in general.Click to review, as the original bassist for the seminal death metal band "Cannibal Corpse author Alex Webster offers invaluable insight into the realm of metal bass guitar. As a fellow metal musician, I fully understand that we are always bass trying to improve our skills in order to become better able to express our own musical ideas, and I feel like this book is an excellent tool for helping bassists get better.
The book comes with a CD featuring play-along tracks and midi drum files to keep you on track and make sure youre playing the exercises correctly, if you choose to use.
Alex Webster Extreme Metal Bass (book metal cd).