It comes with a 200 horsepower engine, which sits at the back of the car.
The GTO came with a massive.2 liter naturally aspirated V-8 that made a cool 400 horse power.
Nevertheless, it under is an affordable and beautiful looking car manual that is wicked fast.
The Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is a trusted traction control system in this under AWD sports car.This car's massive.1 liter V-8, makes 425 horse power and 420 pound feet of torque.This allows you to easily go up a hill manual or overtake a competing car.These cars range from modern contemporaries, to aspiring classics, but they all have one thing in common: they are fast and can be had for less than 10,000.Boasting a classic, big-block American V-8, this Charger is a definite contender for fastest car under under 10,000.According to CarGurus, fast this 10 year old Charger can now be had for not much under 10,000.All it will cost to get fast into one of these today, according to AutoTrader, is about 7,500. The Subaru WRX is a car enthusiast's sweet heart, and has been for quite a while now.

Being a prairie 4-door sports sedan, the G-37 was green a Japanese alternative to manual the inundation of European luxury sedans.Let me present to you the E-55 AMG, your solution kawasaki to the lack of German horse power in your life.In that time, it has accumulated a reputation as a fantastic platform to build on, whether that be a weekend track weapon, or a fun drift car.10 2006 Audi S4 (8,000) Via m Another car out of 2006, the Audi S4 is a beautiful and powerful option for those looking for a car to do it all.Mitsubishi 3000GT, some the Mitsubishi 3000GT is another cheap fast car, and in my opinion, the best-looking.It was also under 3000 pounds, meaning it came with some a superb power to weight ratio, as well as a tasteful boy-racer exterior.This SUV is offered in six variants, with the base one being the '2.5X'.AutoTrader show these going for a steal at 9,000, which is insane when you realize they were going for 70,000 when new.As mentioned before, what was once an expensive luxury sedan, is now an affordable opportunity to get into a modern BMW.Things have changed service since 2010, however.The price of this Audi car is claimed to be around 54,000.Along with AWD, the ESC system efficiently takes care of traction.12 Mercedes E-55 AMG (7,000 - 9,000).In addition to the torque, you also get a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox to take on the terrain. Having a fast car is a point of pride, but more importantly, a point of excitement and enjoyment.
This sports SUV is available at a cost of approximately 21,000.
Despite the acclaim and reverence, this car can actually be had for quite a reasonable price.