finepix s2980 user manual

Well i don't need to get further now.
Is it possible that finepix a camera like this one (s2980) takes horrible pics in auto mode?
Fujifilm Finepix J Series, fujifilm Finepix JV Series, fujifilm Finepix JX Series.
Monsters ISO and finepix his brother blur are just around the corner.Fujifilm Finepix SL manual Series, fujifilm Finepix T Series, fujifilm Finepix X Series.Conclusion nr 1(the unrational one Bridge cameras like this one are for hipsters.I'm reviewing the S2980, maybe is quite user different from the Finepix *50 and the *90 but specs are very similar.She was bored of her old compact camera point-and-shoot (think it's an old tiny sony with 8mpx) and asked me to look for a bigger, reflex-like, more stable, with a decent optical zoom, camera.Pages - 1 2, fujifilm A Series, fujifilm Finepix A Series, fujifilm Finepix AV Series.The only good manual response i got from this camera is the macro mode.The maximum zoom is around a 500mm) i close to F11 so i can push T to 1/1600 (yeah they are bound like that in manual mode.) and obiouvsly i got to switch to 800ISo.Thank you Fuji s2980, niello's gear list: Niello's gear list, canon EOS 450D Canon EOS 6D Canon EF 28-135mm.5-5.6 IS USM Nikon AF Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D Sigma finepix 18-50mm.8-4.5 DC OS HSM 1 more.I would user have given 1 star to this camera but since macro is for small and tiny objects i'll just give half-a-star.Though not despaired I checked the Manual mode: -Pictures of a cup on my table (with 2 big bright windows on both sides) are grainy already at 400 ISO, and under 400 is so dark that i have tu push exposure time up to 1/30.I'm not a professional photographer but i know rules and tips of that, self-tought and grew up with a 450d (now bagging for some money to get the 70d or maybe the 6d). Oh no it's grainy.

I manual was expecting books bad image quality but at least decent for any random situation with user good light.I like to play with old beginners analog lenses and study how light works.Conclusion nr 2(the rational one i'm looking up on eBay for an old reflex like mine.Fujifilm Finepix JZ Series, fujifilm Finepix Real chess 3D Series, fujifilm Finepix S Series.But watch out if you user guys try to take some non-naturalistic pictures.Please Fujifilm tell me why this camera goes up to 6400 ISO while user quality is almost unaccettable already at 800.FujiFilm FinePix S2950 (FinePix S2990).So i push books up to 1600ISO and: Sqares all around!Yeah this camera loves nature and i suggest this product to biologists!Conclusion nr 0(the upset one no decent pictures, neither in Auto mode.Yeah NOT blurry finally!All this was in Wide Angle, while zoom mode.Fujifilm Finepix XP Series, fujifilm Finepix Z Series, pages -. A - Finepix : A AV AV JX JZ Real 3.
My problem was that i didn't know anything about compact cams / bridge ones.

Very blurry ( finepix s2980 user manual possible?
Yeah, it is fancy and cool to shoot on flowers, on small rocks.