Keep pressing the left, right, up down arrow keys update to update get to the Preference screen.
Just a phillips heads-up that this hack may be hazardous to newly manufactured DVP5990s!
I was a little worried phillips firmware when I read this because I wanted a by a player I could make region free.Region code hack posted by kulotzki, December 02 2008: did you guys already check the manual?Worked The Same Day The Firmware Came Out!It took me just firmware a few seconds to set update the region code to "0". Any copy, reuse, firmware or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to ).

It has a note there saying some sort that it will permit 10 multiple region bounderies only.What are Blu-ray and DVD region codes, country codes, multi-region manual or zone locks?DVD Player region codes gods and, blu-ray region codes.I am assuming the courtroom preferences tab is on crack the screen and not on the remote -(I see no preference button on the remote).Region code hack posted by hakjoon, January 27 2010: Purchased Philips DVP5900/F7 from Amazon.This will help if you installed a wrong driver.Region code posted by CoolJeka, December 03 chopper 2008: Guys, I still dont understand - if I buy it do I need to change the zone every time I see a new movie or I can change it once and its set there forever?Follow The Directions Above!I press the right arrow again, and come back to a "no basic disc" screen.Now you can view your digital pictures chopper in absolute clarity, without loss of quality or detail - and share them with friends and family in the comfort of your living room.Ask a question This document, titled "Philips - updating firmware or codec is available under the license.Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. philips DVP5990, october 17, 2010, post region code/hack comment.
You could suffer a fatal electrical shock!
Super gods appreciative of whoever left.

I bought a DVP5990/F7 (manufactured August 2009) from Amazon firmware update for phillips dvp5990 a few weeks ago.
Region code hack posted by elliekemps, January 05 2010: How do i do it?
Press up/down key to select "0" and hit Setup to exit.