Maximum Water Column Height.7 feet.
Warranty 3 year limited warranty.
Suction Cups fluval : Suction cups across the manual board are crappy.Having lots of hose allows one to manual twist the outflow into a position to that will agitate the surface.Consider sawing the spray bar off just above the holes, using a piece of flexible tubing spliced in so you can reposition the spray bar horizontally just below the waters surface.There is a 2128 version with an integrated heater, although I prefer my heater separately.S are on the XP3.With a 24" tall tank, The Xp3 with their rigid set-up is 6" short of the bottom on the intake, and the spray bar only reaches about 4" from the top of the tank.Both have devotees detractors, but if youre an aquatic turtle manual keeper, youll probably be getting one or the other sooner or later (when you get a tank larger than a 20 gallon long).They both do a very manual good job.After about four tries, he noticed the lid had gotten spun around and that he was forcing the power cord down into the wrong side.The manual's pretty decent, although sparse (so's the Fluval, by the way).You can set it right at or below the surface).Energy Use 25 watts.Save yourself the grief I went through; fill manual the canister up, put the head back on, hook it up and then prime.The filtration fluval baskets have handles.He suspects others broke their lid clamps doing the same thing. It's really a toss-up here.

Dimensions.9" Tall.3.3.Media Setup, intake water enters top of carryall canister, runs down side to ascend through 4 media baskets trainer on top of those a fine mechanical filtration pad.Output Options fluval : The XP3 comes with three different outlet fantastic set-ups.The carryall fantastic XP3s media baskets are a bit larger than the 404s, but the 404 also has a pair of sponges to pre-filter the water, likely more than making up for the difference.Wins They both have good points and four bad points, now if some manufacturer could just combine the best of both, he could make a ton o'money. Manual (PDF) Rated ( by manufacturer ) for Fish Tank Size Up to 100 gallons.