The Lutron grafik Eye 4000: The control unit provides 4 preset lighting scenes and off for up to 24 control zones.
The control unit is capable of manual storing an installation additional 12 preset lighting scenes which can be accessed via wallstations and/or control interfaces.
Scenes are installation lighting environments created to match your room activities.
Input Power: 50/60 Hz from conventional utility systems.Grafik Eye enhances the beauty and usefulness of any space.Advanced Capabilities, a full line of wall controls and interface devices is available to expand system capabilities.Lockout Features - Zones and/or scenes can be locked out installation as desired to prevent tampering with pre-programmed settings.The dimming system is covered by manual a minimum one-year warranty installation from time of purchase.The faceplate is attached using no visible means of attachment.Grafik Eye controls provide: Preset control for up to 24 zones and up to 16 scenes.Save energy by using only the light you need. Protection methods that are installation non-resettable or require the device to be removed from the wall or need replacement parts to reset are not acceptable.

Additional Scene Capacity - crack Scene capacity can be english increased as requirements change, Up with to 16 total scenes can be programmed and accessed using wall and infrared controls.Adjust shades differently for video presentations, group discussions, and detail work.Wireless Infrared Transmitter(s) are capable of recalling any one of four preset scenes and off.The Control Unit provides access for up to 16 scenes.Power Failure Memory: Lights circuit automatically return to prior levels: scenes and fade times are saved.Integrate preset lighting scenes with shade control. Adjust the lights and shades to create preset scenes for different purposes, atmosphere, drama, sophistication, and energy savings.
Select up to 12 additional scenes from remote wallstations or multiplayer crack controls.

The range of the transmitter to any single receiver is at least 50 feet.
Up to 64 zones may be tied together in one system.
The preset dimming control grafik eye 4000 installation manual meets the ansi/ieee Std.