Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night backers who received code earlier this week have reported running into a progression block that essentially prevents them from seeing certain parts of the game.
Our gut feeling here is that the removal of POM is a bug, and hopefully one that will be rectified in an upcoming patch patch.
Our schedule was too packed to wont take a look at it wont at the time, but the video clearly had an effect on the developer, who posted this message : "We are aware of some graphical issues on the Xbox patch One and PS4 versions of GTA.Share on: Facebook, reddit, google.As things patch patch stand, typically we prefer patches to improve games by adding new features rather than removing rather established ones, but as things stand right now, GTA 5 is a bit of a mixed bag: PlayStation 4 owners get smoother performance, though a really neat.If it is a straight trade of POM for frame-rate, we would take the smoother overall performance.Parallax occlusion mapping is a technology that allows developers to give an extra dimension to otherwise flat textures, as seen on the stones in the centre of the image here. Patch.09 was released very, very patch quickly in the wake of the original video - our hope is that's just a placeholder of sorts until.10 arrives to restore the game's full visual feature set.
Publisher 505 Games has been investigating the root cause for a couple of days now and recently posted an update.

The minor frame-rate drops at junctions remain, but the more impactful dips when heavy transparency effects are in play are unchanged from the launch version.Zooming up really close to the stones via the game's smartphone camera breaks the illusion a book little but shows how detail extrudes on the old version of GTA 5 and how now it is completely flat.Assets and additional reporting by Thomas Morgan.Meanwhile, Xbox One owners get a double-whammy - the removal ebook of parallax occlusion mapping and no noticeable improvements to fluidity whatsoever.Where once they extruded from the ground, now they're as flat as a pancake.Losing parallax occlusion mapping is a blow though, particularly if you're using the first-person perspective mode, where the effect manual is much more pronounced than the standard third-person viewpoint where the omission of the effect isn't so noticeable.The problem, according to 505, is that certain chests are left in incorrect states (open/closed which prevents players from getting items required to make progress.However, the effect is computationally expensive (.Switch players get it on June.This proved to be a significant advantage acterna to the Xbox One version of the game, which had book the same issue - but to nowhere near the same extent.It's been a while since we looked at GTA 5, but we archive as much of our work as we can, and we still retain our launch day assets based on version.02 - the day one patch.Well, ElAnalistaDeBits has got it right when it comes to parallax occlusion mapping: the effect is now gone on the current builds of GTA 5 on both PS4 and Xbox One, and that's a bit of a shame - the effect adds an extra symptoms dimension.During general gameplay - most especially in third person mode, parallax occlusion mapping is a fairly subtle effect that doesn't add a huge amount to any given scene, but it's much more useful in first-person mode.However, the new patch is uniformly bad news for Xbox One owners. Update: Patch.10 out now: "fixes graphical issues on PS4 and Xbox One introduced after Title Update.08".
For starters, the issue only affects players who didnt install patch.02.
Parallax occlusion mapping was season gone, anisotropic texture filtering had apparently been made even worse than it was already, while collision physics had been simplified.