hawaii five 0 season 4 episode 1

FN P90-TR FN P90-TR submachine guns with suppressors and C-More sights are used by hawaii gunmen during the kidnapping of Roland Lowry (Scott Cohen) in hawaii "Ohana" (S1E02).
Kamekona's Hidden Weapons Cache In "Oiaio" (S1E24 Kamekona ( Taylor Wiley ) is seen taking McGarrett to a weapons cache hidden in an abandoned van.
You can hawaii see the X12 logo on McGarrett's X12.
Watch Full episode Episode On the season hawaii 4 premiere of Hawaii Five-O, Chin Ho is trapped inside Five-O headquarters with terrorists, Kono is on the run, and McGarrett takes some extreme measures to rescue a kidnapped Catherine.Heckler Koch MP5A3 with navy trigger group - 9x19mm.Akmsu Krinkov -.62x39mm.Wo Fat ( Mark Dacascos ) is also seen holding McGarrett's Glock in the Season 1 finale "Oiaio" (S1E24).In "Ke Kinohi a stubbed-nosed S W 686 revolver on the left with a 2 1/2 barrel next to a Beretta 92FS inox pistol.In "Ohana" (S1E02 McGarrett chambers his P226 in front of a startled family in a hotel elevator.Interestingly, Kono is seen armed with a newer Smith five Wesson pistol model - Smith Wesson M P in the later seasons - which may explain Kono's fondness for Smith Wesson pistols.This rifle has a Harris Bipod mounted.Beretta 92FS with extended magazine - 9x19mm Kidnapper's pistol with extended magazine in "Pono Maka Moana".Beretta 92FS The Beretta 92FS is used by Anton Hess ( Norman Reedus ) during the opening ambush and later by Kona "Kono" Kalakaua ( Grace Park ) in the pilot episode.FN P90TR -.7x28mm Gunmen armed with suppressed FN P90-TRs fire upon Roland Lowry's body guards in "Ohana" (S1E02).Another shot of Kono carrying the R93 in her arms in "Hana 'a'a Makehewa" (S01E12).Beretta 92FS Inox A season Beretta 92FS Inox is used by a 14K Triad assassin in "Malama Ka Aina" (S01E03).The MP takes cover with his scar-L in hand.It's also used as a murder weapon in "Ko'olauloa" (S01E06). SIG Pro SP2009 - 9x19mm The SIG Pro SP2009 is drawn by Danny "Danno" Williams ( Scott Caan ) in the pilot episode.

In order to lure Dmitri out, Chin Ho drives a van full of hazardous chemicals through tournament the gate of the consulate and arrested by Russian guards before he can get out.SIG-Sauer P226 as his sidearm (most likely due to his background as a Navy seal, which substitute issues the P226) for xvid tharps the first four episodes of the show.Here is a clearer shot of the Remington 870 Police Entry Shotgun.McGarrett with the tri-rail MP5A3 in "Mana'o" reloaded (S01E08).Heckler Koch P30 - 9x19mm Danno settlers with the P30 while making an arrest in "Kai e'e" (S1E15).Seen briefly in "Kai e'e".On the far right, a Mac 10 is barely visible and an Uzi above. McGarrett with the Glock while using night vision goggles before being blinded in "Poi'pu".

HPD hawaii five 0 season 4 episode 1 honor guards (left) carry M1 Garands.
One of them does not have an EOTech sight while the M4A1s behind him.