11 Pair work: Get the baskerville students to work baskerville in pairs.
Mortimer observed that Charles was standing there for 5-10 minutes because the ash dropped twice from his cigar.
As Mortimer and Henry baskerville leaves Holmes tells Henry cbse to not go near the moor at night.E Where were Conan Doyle s short stories about Sherlock Holmes first published?"But, tell me, Watson, what do you make of our visitor's stick?H When did Conan Doyle die?Watson suspects that Stapleton lost his footing in the bog and wound up being sucked down, never to be seen again.Chapter 7: Dr Watson meets Mr Stapleton near the Grimpen Mire.Chapter 15: Holmes gives a detailed account of how he solved the case.Upon arriving at the Hall, Mortimer departs, and Sir Henry, accompanied by Watson, is greeted.He claims that he and Watson are going back to London but insists cbse that Sir Henry go to Stapleton's baskerville house for dinner that night.Chapters Pair work: (p.He walked every night before bed, may 14th he declared he would be traveling so his housekeepers (the Barrymores) packed his bag and he went on his nightly walk.to prove that Stapleton is connected to the murders, Holmes lays cbse a trap.25 Pair work: (after Chapter 11) Ask students to get summary into pairs and choose one of these characters: Laura Lyons and. From Hugo Baskerville based down generation to generation.

Over lunch they powerware decide when Sir Henry will travel to Baskerville Hall and as Holmes cannot accompany him, Watson will be going with him.Doctor Mortimer cherokee doesn't want Holmes to investigate; he just wants to know if he should tell this to Sir Henry Baskerville, the new heir.Barrymore: so it summary is once again possible that.Holmes promises to consider cbse the matter and asks Dr Mortimer to pick up Henry at the station.That guy crack is obviously hiding something.I Describe the prisoner.Along the way, Stapleton points out rlddll a particularly nasty part of the moor that is mostly swamp. 36) Ask students jeep to make notes to answer Watson s questions at the bottom of the page.

Chapter 5: Baskerville Hall, setting:waiting to go to Devonshire.
The next morning,.
The legend states that Hugo agreed to sell his soul to the hound of baskerville summary cbse pdf devil if only the devil helped Hugo to catch the woman before she made it back to town, and the devil made good on his side of the bargain.