I'm was unsuccessful at finding any sort of guide or walk through online, however I did find bits and pieces setup which could lead to the driver solution.
77522, views 39, helpful 11, replies 11 replies 11, latest Contents.Webex Adoption Ebooks Use odbc our adoption toolkits to get your organization started with Cisco Webex Events, Training, and Support, as well as Webex Edge and Pro Pack products.I can build a odbc system dsn and call it directly and it works great.I was trying to find out if I could skip the DSN setup in the odbc manager and place it in the a config file instead.Currently trying to setup a development environment which can handle both 32-bit and 64-bit odbc Informix Drivers.Error HY000 InformixInformix odbc Driver-11302 setup Insufficient Connection information was supplied.In the case of Informix, the driver for each architecture must be installed separately.I have an odbc connection (System DSN) configured for an Informix odbc driver.Driver Versions, version 3, Windows informix (32 bit version.70.FC3, Windows driver x64.When executing the 32-bit odbc Administrator and opening a data source I am able to modify the connection settings, however when executing the 64-bit version I receive the following error.What is the importance of the I file, and can I simply modify the Driver32 key to Driver64 or maybe have both in conjunction?Msg 7303, Level 16, State 1, Line.But I have tried for many days now to setup a linked server from SQL Server (2005). Download the html email template attached to this post for easy sharing odbc with your organization. I'd just like a little more advice to ensure I'm on the correct path.
How can I change the system's current odbc Administrator to the 64-bit version in order to avoid this error?
The provider did not give any information about the error.

Registry calls style made to testking this key by 32-bit applications are informix redirected to So, for example, when a 32-bit application calls sqldataSources, the crack resultant registry call is redirected from hkey_local_I to hkey_local_I, and the only liar system data sources that are returned are ones for 32-bit odbc.Otherwise, the connection will fail with the "architecture mismatch" error.From what I can see, the registry entries for the drivers are located at: 32-bit: hkey_local_I 64-bit: hkey_local_I, this essentially lists all of the data sources and their connection details.Related Content, follow our Social Media Channels.Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "msdasql" for linked server "infrem723"., why is Access able to read what "msdasql" cannot?My connection string is as follows string connStr "CursorBehavior0;DriverIBM informix odbc Server; Service31012; UIDinformix; Passwordxxxxxxx; The error is: Messageerror HY000 InformixInformix odbc Driver-11302 Insufficient Connection information was supplied error 01S00 InformixInformix odbc DriverInvalid connection string attribute.Error 01S00 InformixInformix odbc DriverInvalid connection string attribute.Informix Driver Installations, the drivers are installed at the following blazblue locations (based on the registry entries) 32-bit: C:Program Files (x86)ibminformixClient-SDK 64-bit: C:Program FilesibminformixClient-SDK, registry Entries. For your best experience, get to know our Webex Meetings Essentials guideand share it with your team.
SysWoW64 /odbcad32.exe, counterintuitively, the 64-bit odbc Administrator is found at systemdrive/Windows/.
The WOW64 registry redirector intercepts calls made to certain portions of the registry and redirects them to another portion style of the registry.