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You figured out the manual effective ISO from tests.) above, which may or may not be the ISO indicated on the digicam.Handheld meters are the answer to taking the insecurity out of exposure.In fact, exposure becomes entirely predictable.If I took a bad exposure reading, it was "pilot error." I messed up, not the meter.Visit Jim online to see his work, online courses, photo workshops, photo tours, and more!When using flash, its important to have a meter that can fire a studio strobe.Some meters can only trigger the strobes when a cord is manual plugged into them, while others, like the Sekonic L-758DR Digital Master, can trigger flash units wirelessly.Of Employees Suppliers by meter Area Suppliers by Country/Region Confirm Cancel Authentication Service Supplier ensearchweb.This is never a problem with TTL SLRs because TTL metering automatically corrects, however it will alter the reading if you are trying to use the reading from one camera on another.Another important feature is to have the exposure reading displayed in the viewfinder of the meter as well meter as on the external LCD.They're extremely accurate meter (they measure light in tenths of an f-stop and in the 30 years light Ive been using them I have never once been disappointed with their reliability.Not all lenses transmit all of the light, so you may also have to take "lens factors" into account as well as any aperture calibration variations in lenses. Handheld meters read meter reflected light, too, but in some situations (like with snow and extreme contrast) reading the ambient light is much more reliable.

Instead I look at the manual LCD screen.Its also important for the meter manual to be able to record multiple pops from one or player more hicon strobe units and then calculate the correct exposure based on the accumulated light.Unlike built-in camera meters, a handheld meter is not deceived by extreme contrast, backlighting, sidelighting, transillumination, snow, or flash.Both amateurs and pros alike are insecure about exposure.Its something that becomes second nature to you and its no big deal.Contact Supplier Country/Region: China (Mainland) Main Products: complete Extension Sockets,Wall Switches and Sockets,Electrical Plugs, Electric Meters,Travel Adapters Total Revenue: US10 Million - US50 Million Top 3 Markets: Africa 34, Mid East 10, Western Europe.9 Response Rate Contact Supplier Country/Region: China (Mainland) Main Products: Micro Switches, cleaning Limit.This feature is available on several Sekonic meters, including the L-358 Flash Master.Contact Supplier, country/Region: Taiwan, main Products: 3 phase PDU, monitored pdu, metered pdu, basic pdu, power distribution unit, total Revenue: US2.5 Million - US5 Million.Don't move the ISO setting. Category: How-To, click for more articles of: Jim Zuckerman, click for more articles about: Sekonic L-358 Flash Master, Sekonic L-758DR Digital Master, related Articles: Common Metering Mistakes.
Zoom lenses, especially older ones, may lose as much as 2/3 of a stop compared to fixed lenses due to light lost as internal reflections.
Another user important feature that you want in a handheld meter is the ability to read light from a 1-degree angle.

Photos #1 through #7 in the slideshow above are examples of images that will confuse the meter in your camera, resulting in poor exposures.
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