For some strange reason, Paul, the subs rich man, played by a wonderful François Cluzet, gives him the job, with subs a one-month trial period.
Why such preconceived negativity?
Turkish, urdu, vietnamese, selected languages.
Some movies can subs work with a good story but they need good performances, in "Untouchable intouchables it's almost impossible to determine who carried the film, both Cluzet and intouchables Sy were great.This website is not associated with any external links or websites.It is free and clean, intouchables works under Windows.A young man with a Senegalese background, Omar Sy as Driss, only needs a signature to prove that he attended an interview for a live-in carer job.The film's simplicity is delightfully misleading: the script is a masterpiece of subs comedy writing, and however good the rest of the cast is, the central duo intouchables is magical.There's a sort of heart's intelligence in the way Omar teases Cluzet with his own handicap, and the film provides the extraordinary message that pleasure and thrills have unlimited media, whether they come from pot, an ear-massage or even paragliding. Korean, lithuanian, macedonian, malay, norwegian, polish, portuguese.
Well, when a young black guy from French suburbs, darkly depicted in Mathieu Kassovitz 'Hate' and infamous for its occasional riots, befriends a rich quadriplegic, I immediately think of 'good feelings 'mainstream populism' unaware that I apply to myself a cynical judgment that can undermine.

Romanian, russian, serbian, slovenian, spanish, swedish, thai.Through Driss and Paul's interaction, the manual film explores the real needs of people in life, respect and understanding, acceptance and love.Czech, danish, dutch, english, farsi/Persian, utorrent finnish, french.Sy's comic timing will have you in stitches, but it is his studio honesty and vulnerability that make you fall in love with the character.There's one scene when Driss shave the bushy beard of Paul, well, I won't spoil it for you, but the part was a clever mix of realism and comedy because anyone would have done what Driss did at one moment, and that's the secret.And yes, it's one of the best French films ever, and certainly one of the best of 2011.Do not look at this through the prism of "Foreign Films". Driss' attitude pleases Paul, because after his paragliding accident, style he can't feel his body from neck to toes, and needs caring almost 24 hours per days and 7 days per week, so he really doesn't have time for bullshit either.
Then, Driss casually enters, without waiting for his turn or knocking on the door, he's got enough problems full to deal with, unemployment, an experience subs in jail, being force a pariah for society, and undesirable even in his own family, especially her adoptive aunt.
The manual cast is brilliant.

France does intimacy, and brutality.
So, I saw it and loved.
There are real people in "Untouchable nothing works as plot intouchables 2011 nl subs xvid devices even if some situations are so cinematically appealing: Omar inviting everybody to dance during Paul's birthday, his learning of the aristocratic world, the art of abstract painting, and the way he breaks the conventions.