After centuries of a solitary zelda existence, a human, disguised as a musician bearing a slight resemblance to the Fierce Deity, approached Majora, and offered it eternal legend rest, not by fighting, but by playing music.
As legend Breath of the Wild takes place long after Ocarina of Time its manual possible it takes place after Majora's Mask thus the mask legend could potentially be the original Majora's Mask freed of Majora's evil influence as Link is never possessed like Skull Kid.Developer : Nintendo, publisher : Nintendo, platform : Nintendo 64, released in legend JP : April manual 27, 2000, released in US : October 26, 2000.The only thing shown in Majora's Mask that has greater manual power than the mask itself is the Fierce Deity Mask, which Majora owned before giving it away.It is part of the Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Trophy Box. This is also supported due to the fact that the Twili, who are residents of the Twilight Realm, appear to use masks quite often.
It is notable that, when the player's character wears the mask around town at night, the mask's eyes consistently stay the same bright yellow-orange, and are never obscured by the shadows as the character turns.

Day 0 Day 1 In the cutscene where the Four Giants stop the Moon, it is facing upwards, away from Clock Town.Before manual Giants Cutscene During Giants Cutscene After Giants Cutscene In the cutscene where the Moon is falling, there happens to be a second Moon inside the one that you normally see.As a result, it functions like a all-in-one version of the monster masks vulcan ( Bokoblin Mask, Lizalfos Mask, Lynel Mask, and absorbers Moblin Mask ) sold by Kilton at the Fang and manual Bone.He also absorbers uses a mini-soccer ball sized Moon as part of his Focus Spirit attack.After that scene, however, the Moon returns to its original position." Majora's Mask Trophy The stage on which the 47th event, "Trophy Tussle 3 is fought is on a stage themed to be Majora's Mask itself.In this story, Majora's Mask is revealed to have legend been made from the armor of a legendary beast named Majora, that lived around ten million years before the events of Majora's Mask.It is likely though, that there is likely no significant reason whatsoever for the mask's presence, other than being a reference.Contents show, appearances, the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.When he majoras uncovered it, he seemed to immediately regret it: he later claims that he could sense a 'dark omen brewing'.The corresponding cutscene will not play, resulting in the interface being disabled, actors and objects being shuffled around, and exits not leading to their correct destinations.Further information on Map Select, including codes to enable it and information to navigate it, are available on the Debug ROM's map select page.Gallery The mask as it appears in-game Majora's Mask in the game logo Majora's Mask appearing on a balloon The Skull Kid casting a curse on Link, using the power of the mask Artwork of characters and scenery Artwork depicting Skull Kid falling under the. Link can pass his head behind it, seeming wearing it, by using Ravio's Bracelet to merge with the wall it is hung.
Link Moon Trial In the Link trial dungeon on the Moon, playing the Song of Storms in front of the Gossip Stones sets flags that are also used to mark the completion of the trial's challenges, such as destroying walls and pressing switches.
If you leave this map in any way (either by walking off the edge, drowning in the water or getting crushed by the Stone Tower blocks) you end up in the uncursed Southern Swamp next to the boat, with a rather glitchy fade-in.