Take the manual rag, holding one end shimano in each hand and shimano put it between the manual hub shell and sprocket.
When changing the oil at the end of the season between 10 and 15 milliliters came out, the rest had leaked out.One did 5,000 kilometers, the other 14,000 kilometers at the moment they wrote to me and did not run into any issues so gear far.Some of them have a guide pin in the middle shimano for extra stability.Sprocket, see the chapter sprocket replacement for the options.My take on dipping this is that the recommended ratio of approximately.9, is really just rather vague, and just a recommendation. Which is a reduction.8 grams.
Some people have reported that for their hub shifts better when the yellow dots don't line up exactly.
Dry if off with soft cloth for a shiny finish.

Some people have suggested that there is a quality control issue with the generator evolution seals, some soccer hubs come with bad seals and leak excessively.If you want to leave the wheel in the bicycle, I recommend the following method: Useful cleaning supplies Rag; a cloth made out of fabric that can evolution absorb grease and grime.The Shimano Alfine sprockets work with single speed bicycle chains.Cleaning around the hub Although not required for its operation, it might be a good idea to clean bowflex your bicycle once in a while.The size of the bolts will also affect how wide and thin the spacer needs.Wipe of any grease from the cable.You can use a standard/universal shifting inner and outer cable, but manual of course Shimano sells appropriate ones as well.My own experiences and many reports on the internet indicate that the amount of oil leaking varies per hub.The Rohloff syringe also fits the Alfine Inter 11 hub and procedure is exactly the same.Specifications: Application: oil change, cleaner, content: 1 litres. If you have vertical dropouts you also need to have some kind of chain tensioning system.
Pay attention to the edge of the spoke nipple.
Cable Adjustment If you have problem with skipping, or shifting into certain generator gears the cable may need some adjustment.