manual jvc d ila sx21

Multimedia projector DLA-SX21U/DLA-SX21E instructions manual DLA-SX21SU/DLA-SX21SE operate PC vide-keystone H-keystone screen digital zooreeze of the cabinet.
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The selected input mode (input terminal) name is shown above the message.
Please read these Important manual Safeguardscarefully before use.Page 26 17 Adjust " JVC DLA-SX21U Instructions - Page 49 What to manual do when these messages are displayed Message Cause (Contents) manual No device is connected to the input terminal.Otherwise, the screws manual will damage the internal parts of the projector causing malfunction.When the product manual is used on a cart, care portable cart warning (symbol provided by retac) should be taken to avoid quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces which may cause the product and cart to overturn, damaging equipment or causing possible injury to the. The manual air inlet filter on the right side cannot be removed the lower filter: Reinstall the lower filter by inserting it into the projector.

Please use the multiplayer remote control to adjust the focus.Connect skidrow the equipment into an runner outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.Check the input image JVC DLA-SX21U Instructions - Page 50 off, it cannot be turned on again if the accumulated lamp time has exceeded 2000 hours.Freeze, operate, v-keystoneh-keystone, screen, digital, zOOM, focus.All operating instructions should be followed.Warning : TO prevent fire OR shock hazards, DO NOT.Volume stand BY lamp temp operate recording Projector: Control panel Remote Panel patch Remote Control Unit Projector: Indicator part Note The operate button will not work for approximately 1 minute from when the light-source lamp is turned.(Factory setting multiplayer is "ON When the D-ILA or user-set logo is displayed after the projector is turned on, pressing the exit button will delete the logo.8 Remote Sensor (Front) When operating with the remote the front foot.Freezoom V-keystone H-keystone screen digita DEO operate preset HID nenu exit volume focus quick align.It may manual may cause injuries.Stand BY lamp temp operate menu manual PC video 1 VOL.Enter below the Serial. Projector Installing the Projector against the Screen The projector should be placed so that the center line of the lens is at a right angle to the screen use screws shorter than 10mm but longer than 6mm.

Interference JVC DLA-SX21U Instructions - Page 31 Basic Operations Using the Quick Alignment function PC video operate The quick alignment function automatically adjusts (sets) the screen settings of the image input from the PC 1 or PC 2 input terminal.
The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.
(Manufacturer set value '1 : manual jvc d ila sx21 Designates the JVC DLA-SX21U Instructions - Page 56 Specifications 3) Special parameters Input switching parameters Character '0' '1' '3' '4' '5' Hex.