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Graph: The function of acceleration manual a in terms of s for the hibbeler interval is For the interval, Graph: The function of velocity in terms of s can be obtained by applying.A 2 ft s2 t 10 ss0 0 v0 12 ft s Velocity: Ans.(1) and (3 Ans.(2) and (4 Ans.When,.Thus, the magnitude of the acceleration is Ans.Determine the acceleration of the particle.The positions of particle A at and 4 s are Particle A has traveled Ans.(1) becomes (2) The magnitude of the particles velocity is (3) Substituting and. At, and, st0.4226.385 m st1.577 -0.386 m.4226.577 s 0 3t2 - 6t 2v 0 a dv dt 6t - 6 v ds dt 3t2 - 6t 2 s t3 - 3t2 2t 1249.

Determine the total distance traveled and the magnitude of displacement of the car.1238 derive an indo equation that child relates the velocity of a freely falling particle to its sume that the particle is released from rest crack at an altitude from the earths surface.T 0s 0v v0 - ks When, Ans.The pitching machine is adjusted so that the baseball is launched with a speed.T 1 tutorial s r 55 cos 2t i 4 sin 2t j6 m 91962_01_s12-p /8/09 8:24 AM Page.Also, the change in position is equal excel to the area under the vt graph.Average Speed: The distances traveled from A excel to B and B to C are and, respectively.Determine the particles velocity when, if it starts from rest when.Also, the change in velocity is equal to the area under the at us, t2 5t (3 75) 1 2 B - 1 15 t 5(t - 75)R v L adt t 133.09 s 133 s t 7 75 s t2 5t -.Velocity: The velocity of the particle changes direction at the instant when it is momentarily brought to us, Position: The positions of the particle at, 1 s, 2 s, and 3 s are Using the above results, the path of the particle is shown.V -3016 m.02 km s T v -6356(103 ) A 2(9.81 500 103 ) 6356(6356 500 106 ) y excel 0y0 500 km v -R A 2g0 (y0 - y) (R y R y0) g0 R2 1 R y - 1 R. A two-stage missile is fired vertically from rest with the acceleration tutorial shown.
Determine the total distance traveled by the particle from.Also, find the average speed of the particle during this time interval.
Acceleration: The acceleration expressed in Cartesian vector from can be obtained by applying.