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(not applicable to other areas).We'll get back to you only if casio we require additional details or have more information teclado to share.Use the number keys or and to specify the user rhythm number where you want.To get the most out of the many features and functions of the keyboard, be sure to carefully read this casio manual and keep it teclado on hand for future reference.Caution Do not use the instrument if there appear to be abnormalities such as the presence of AC Adaptor smoke or abnormal odor.Do not use if there is an abnormality or malfunction.To get the most out of the. After manual inputting the file name, press the enter button Pa manual t teclado t e r n to start the.

Use in combination with Auto Accompaniment, the Song Sequencer provides you with all the tools you need to create your own full-fledged ensembles.Damage to the on the product itself to ensure that the product is used power cord may cause fire or electrical safely and correctly, and to prevent injury to the user shock.Program Change Number This.The keyboard has 32-note polyphony, which With split you can assign two different tones (a main tone and a split includes the notes you play as well as the rhythms and auto-accom- tone) to either end of casio the keyboard, which lets you play one tone.Those Do not attempt to shape the power cord or symbols along with their mean.We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence.Dim power supply indicator Instrument does not turn on Display that is flickering, manual dim, or difficul.Also do not place heavy objects.Product: The manual is sent by email.Matically whenever you leave it on without performing any opera- tion for about 6 minutes.Chord1 chord2 chord3 bass rhythm TR1 TR2 TR3 TR4 TR5 TR6 channel volume: SUB manu/ channel select: bank store note notes Split is produ.E-20 Safety Precautions.E-2 Auto Accompaniment.Phones and Line Out Terminals Before connecting phones or other external equipment, be sure to first WK-1600/1630 turn down the volume settings of the keyboard and the connected equipment.Pattern name A-4 latin II / various I 080 sals6 Dm7 G7 Dm7.Users guide, wK1800-E-1, p WK1800_E_Cov1-2.p65.7.31, 5:20 PM, page. Sustain/Assignable Jack Terminal You can connect an optional sustain pedal (SP-2 or SP-10) to the SUS- tain/assignable jack terminal to enabl.
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