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Traveling all over the world and doing a lot of interviews and the question was always coming up about another Place Vendome record.
It's easier to michael deal unisonic with grown up people and accept each other's opinion.I actually don't go to the studio at all; I do the lyrics right here at home.Actually a couple of weeks ago my brother showed me a documentary on TV; it was about the 80's and the music scene and people were talking about how much Helloween meant to them.B: Both Unisonic und Helloween have the same management company.I think it will be cool though.He asked me to do this when I was still in that phase where there was a lot of anger disappointment was still very alive in me during those years; I just didn't want to have anything to do with that scene anymore.I think we, Helloween, should have done at least two more records but with Kai with the original line-up, but we didn't even get to do that.All bring personal résumés to the table with individual unisonic credentials that could put many other "all star" bands to shame.It makes blogspot me want to cut blogspot sleeves off denim jackets, run up the poster flags and stitch a bar towel to the back of my leather jacket.I kiske haven't heard back from him yet, so he either thinks its shit or I don't know.MK: Some say.The type of music that these two make together unisonic is what I live for, it's my oxygen, a sunshine shot in the arm that can lift flagging spirits in an instant. Don't let any music label try to make you a market pleaser or try to design you a certain way so you will be successful in this or that market.
MK: I think he knows better blogspot than that.

'I've Tried' too almost has a kiske blogspot little pop heart manual hiding within it with a Frankie Goes To Hollywood type thing going on with the 'Two Tribes' vibe of Ward's particularly funky bassline.What is the appeal for you to participate in those rock-opera projects?But we just couldn't keep the band version together; it just fell apart.Posted on.T.It's just a project and michael yes there are a lot michael of songwriters who suggest songs.Since you already mentioned your iPhone app; in your opinion, how important is social media and the internet as a whole these days? To end this interview I just have some odds and ends.