Eventually I manual found a hall where at might the end past a chasm was some demons and the crystal.
Find the well that looks different (the well of varn) then step in the well right after that one might (so going clockwise you end up at the well of varn at the end, and you have to have all scrolls and keys on one char).Rich Batton for might help with the obelisks Donovan Hawkins for info on the Stone Shadow guild secret.Council Quests- Silver Cove's quest to get counsel permission can be done easily with a town portal npc.All you have to do to complete the quest is take the scroll one of the demons drop when manual they die to the Lord of Free Haven.Misc/Early Spoilers magic and Secret doors info The Goblinwatch code is nilbog (sknom backward eht fo magic ysetruoc but I think there are more combinations.Damage is proportional to the power of the reactants. The Divine Intervention is actually a very useful spell later on, after you find the Fountain of Youth (which is in the middle of Hermits Isle) There is a secret room in the Castle Stone Shadow guild that I couldn't get to work but heres.

There were just a windows few priests and demons around it but my guys were a little beat.Good place to lay down a beacon btw) each month and get game a pilgrimage assignment to visit a shrine and get 10 to your stats or resistances.The "Damsel in distress" is in the manual Silver Helm Outpost in Mist.You start by choosing one of 17 different characters,.g.To quickly reach the manual shrine you can teleport by clicking on the roof of the Buccanear's Guild in New Sorpigal) An artifact sword, a decent one, can be found near Castle Alamos stuck in a stone.Once I got manual him to expert dagger he also did a fair amount of damage.Take this back to the Lord of Free Haven for professional your Knight's promotion.One leads to some platemail and a scroll where Archibald is telling the people at game Alamos to research the crystal. The Warlock can summon an immortal Phoenix.
The "light switch" is right at the entrance.