VIN (Engine ECU) Coding VIN AC609798 OK manual button.A.S.T./immobi/Keyless/tpms Coding VIN Writing Result of VIN Writing VIN Writing AC609285AB.
6 : For coding data, refer.00-39.Press "OK" to store the owners learning owners value file.TO cope with intermittent malfunction;.This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.(7) Whenever you finish servicing the SRS, check the SRS warning light operation to make sure that the system functions properly.Indicates procedures to be performed be- fore the work in that section is started, and procedures to be performed after the work in that section is finished.When the initial value cannot be written into mitsubishi the new ECM because of the ECM malfunction.For temperature and/or moisture condition related intermittent malfunctions, try to change the conditions of the suspected cir- cuit components, then use the simulation tests below.AIR evolution purifier filter (replace).Please refer to the special tool cross-reference chart located at the beginning of each evolution group, for the special tool number that is available in your market.Write the number displayed on the screen in Immobilizer KOS/ECU.You might be interested in these similar years for. IF inspecting with THE connector connected waterproof connectors Be sure to use special tool.
00-80 main sealant AND adhesive table.
HOW TO USE owners this manual TSB Revision general 00-3 HOW TO USE this manuaaintenance, repair AND servicing explanations This manual provides evolution explanations, etc.

Danger, warning, AND caution danger, warning, and caution call special attention to a necessary action or to an action that must be avoided.Select "All learned value" from Learned value reset Screen.12.Push the files OK button after "VIN Writing will start.Special tool note Only MMC recover special tool part numbers are called out in the repair crack sections of this manual.When Inspecting a Male Pin caution At this time, be careful not to short the connector recover pins with owners the test probes.Select "Coding" on the next screen.Indicates the group isuzu title.B-48(B) (2) For connector color, refer to group 80A, How to read configuration diagrams.Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position then, turn the ignition switch to "lock" dvdiso (OFF) position.After repair or replacement, recheck with the voltmeter to confirm that the repair has corrected the problem. Twin clutch sportronic shift transmission check OIL leaks (IF necessary, check THE OIL level) / change.

If no diagnostic trouble mitsubishi evolution 8 owners manual code is reset, the diagnosis is complete.
If the diagnostic flow is different from that given below, or if additional explanation is required, the details of such differences or additions will also be listed.
Brake hose connection.