mountain lion installer again

The, oountain Lion minimum requirements guide lists the Macs again that can run Mountain Lion, installer as well as recommendations beyond again the minimum.
Select your location by clicking on the map or by selecting an area from the drop-down menu.
Otherwise, click the Continue button to send your registration information to Apple.
Insert the bootable media or connect it to your Mac and then restart mountain the Mac while holding down the.Select your keyboard layout lion from the list and click Continue.Select your country from the list on the Welcome screen and click Continue.Make your selection and click Continue.Finishing a clean install of Oountain Lion on a startup drive is a relatively simple process.Select Disk Utility and choose the hard mountain drive you wish to format, click the Erase tab, and then pull down the Format menu and select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the type, name the drive if you wish.You can skip this step if you want, but if you supply the information now, the installer preconfigures iTunes, the Mac App Store, and iCloud.When the Mac reboots you will lion have a clean installation of Mac OS.8 to work with.Create your administrator account.Give the startup drive a name or use the default name.If you never changed its name, the startup volume is listed as Macintosh.When you download Mountain Lion, the installer starts automatically.With Find My Mac, you can remotely lock the Mac or erase its drive, which is handy for lion lost or stolen Macs. Check for Updates for Oountain Lion You'll probably be tempted to start checking out Mountain Lion immediately, but before you do, it's a good idea to look for software updates.

The Mac Otilities window displays as if you image are booting from the Recovery HD partition.A clean install means you start fresh by erasing all the data on the target drive.It also pulls account information you provided in the past to make the registration process easier.This makes sense for robot those who only own a single Mac, but if you plan on installing cars Oountain Lion on multiple Macs or just want games to create an additional boot USB drive for installs robot and upgrades, its kind of annoying.Wed games highly recommend backing up your Mac before performing a clean install, even if you have no intention on using it afterwards. When you are asked if you are sure you want to erase the drive, crack click Erase.
Do this using Disk Utility, which is included with the installer.
Select Reinstall Mac OS X from the list and click Continue.

It contains a bootable system with utilities for mountain lion installer again performing basic disk repair, as well as the ability to reinstall the OS if necessary.
Select Software Update from the Apple menu and follow the instructions for any updates listed.