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The season contains three musical themes, including one opening and two endings.
After finding out about her clan, Chino escaped with Fushin and a few others, becoming the Lightning Group to help the Bamboo village.
He tells them what the Fourth Hokage told him about the Nine Tails incident caused by Tobi which Kakashi speculates to be indonesia possibly the First Hokage's nemesis Madara indonesia Uchiha.But Sasuke's memories of Itachi allow him to cancel the curse and evolve his Susano'o as the fight soon subtitle recommences, Danzo's arm revealed to had been infused with the cells of Hashirama Senju by Orochimaru to use the Sharingan."Naruto - Shippuden: indonesia Collection - Volume 16 - DVD".496 "Steam and Food Pills" Transcription: "Yukemuri to Hyrgan" ( Japanese : ) February 23, 2017 Shikamaru tries to find a gift for the wedding but doesn't want it to be something as simple as money and he indonesia decides a romantic honeymoon.Sasuke stays his hand as Sakura claims to have abandoned the Leaf Village to be by his side.Sasuke uses his Sharingan to free the victims, surprising Chino that Sasuke is a Uchiha.He thinks of shogi to pass the time while Sai brings him food and compliments his resistance.Chino tells Sasuke that she and Nowaki are wandering shinobi episode who perform entertainments.When asked if Fushin had red eyes, Oyashiro says someone from Fushin's group did and Sasuke suspects Fushin has a partner and attacked the village to get to Sasuke. 493 "Dawn" Transcription: "Shinonome" ( Japanese : ) February 9, 2017 While Shikamaru pursues Gengo through the Fush episode Castle, his hold over Sai, R, and Hinoko weakens as their fight with Ino, Chji, and Temari drags.

However, Sasuke's attempt to episode get information fails and crack Fushin escapes.Hinata then meets with Kiba and Shino, who andrew user also nearly reveal the mission.Title Original air date English air date 197 "The Sixth Hokage Danzo" Transcription: "Rokudaime Hokage Danz" ( Japanese : ) February 10, 2011 July 13, 2013 The Hidden Cloud Village ninja group consisting of Samui, Karui and Omoi reach the Hidden Leaf Village with a letter assigned.A young Neji is told by his father that his duty will be to protect Hinata.Sakura sadhan attempts to carry out the deed when Karin indirectly reveals qutub Sasuke is about to kill her.The former deeming Sasuke a possible replacement for Nagato's role andrew in their plan once under their full control, Tobi and Black Zetsu discuss Nagato's unexpected betrayal and that Naruto's actions have now forced their hand to prematurely hasten their plan.She cries out how jealous she is of him subtitle for having people who loved him despite his past and asks why he protects Konoha despite its role in the Uchiha clan's downfall, and Sasuke replies he has a friend who shares his pain.In his final moments as Sasuke and Tobi escaped the jutsu's radius, Danzo recalls how he never caught up to Hiruzen while lamenting of not becoming a Hokage.Konohamaru is recording their messages as his wedding gift.He resolves to take care of Sasuke on his own, Naruto deducing his intentions and uses his clones to restrain him while runs at Sasuke with his Rasengan.His uncle replies that the moon makes him feel better when he is sad, and Gaara agrees that the moon makes him feel happy.Shino solves this by deciding to support his teammates no matter what as their lives change.They head to Sai's last location, which is an inn and Shikamaru tries to get information by playing shogi with a villager.Ino enters Sai's mind to completely break Gengo's hold on him and warns them about Gengi's trap to convert Shikamaru.At the Coliseum, she fought and won against Fushin, whom she befriended due to their loneliness of being ostracized. It was at this time that the Five Kage Summit mediator Mifune suggests that the Kage to establish the world's first Shinobi Alliance with Danzo as its leader.
The first ending theme, "Departure Song" Tabidachi no Uta ).