Older-style Admiralty-pattern anchors have a anchoring stock, which is a crossbar that prevents the anchor from lying flat, thus making it easier for the flukes to chapter dig into the sea floor.
The unused portion of the anchor chain is stowed belowdecks in a large chapter compartment called the chain locker.
Because mooring a Navy ship to a pier is not always possible or desirable, anchors often are used to secure a vessel naval in place.
An anchor is a type of hook that embeds itself into the sea bottom.The equipment associated with anchoring anchoring is called ground tackle and includes the anchors themselves, the chains used to attach them to the ship, chapter and the windlasses used to weigh anchor (lift them back on board).The body of the anchor is called the shank, and the flukes are the teeth that actually bite into the bottom.Modern anchors are stored in the lower end of this tube.The hawsepipe serves anchoring as a passage for the anchor chain, leading from the forecastle deck to the outer surface of the ships hull closer to the water.This UFC supersedes Military, handbook 1026/4, dated July 1999.Allows improved access to various services and other forms of transportation.Nstm, chapters 581, 582, 611 and 613; from, naval Sea.Included in, naval, ships Technical, manual (nstm chapter 581 Anchoring. "Beware of fake "COD5" Beta Invites".
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