The effect cable of the cable terminal crossover is to simulate a DCE device at either end of the cable.
TD 3, rD 2, dTR 4, dsrcd 61, sG 5, sG 5, dsrcd.Take the end of that cable and strip the wiring about half inch down.I found this page null very helpful when I was wiring: RS232 serial cables pinout, some colors might vary on the Cisco cables (I checked the pile we had but not much.You could register a delegate to the NetworkChange Class.However, when one or both of the computers has no network network card, there is still a fairly easy way to connect them, by null using communication ports (found on every PC).Alternatively you can use a hand held DMM to test continuity on the individual pins of your null serial cable.A DB25-DB25 cable, dB9-DB9 null modem cable, dB9 Number. Needlenose Plyers, punch down tool network (unless you have an RJ45 that does not require a special tool) (optional) Multimeter to test the pinouts.
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Additional Information, the built-in serial port on a PC is a DTE device.

Currently, I am lugging around my USB serial to Serial cable serial (since my laptop does not have a serial port a Cisco console cable, and a null modem extreme cable (for older switches and other equipment).With null modem cables, the transmitting keygen device's Transmit (TX) signal is routed to the receiving device's Receive (RX) line.The shielding is tough!).Note that an instrument with serial interface could be either a DTE or a DCE device.I figured making one would be easy enough.Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to ).So booster I grabbed the parts and headed to my workbench.Did you use this instructable in your classroom?DTEs without cable going through two, dCEs.Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.See the wiring chart picture for details.When I work on older equipment, I have to unplug my Cisco console cable, find my null modem cable, and then plug all of that.Null Modem Cable with Handshaking, the straight through cable should be used when interfacing with a Data Communications Equipment serial (DCE) device. . A null modem cable is a 6-conductor shielded cable (meaning 6 wires surrounded by a ground strap with a serial port connector at both ends.