omron manual arm blood pressure monitor

Put your monitor left arm through the cuff loop.
Notes: If you use any other app instead of omron manual connect, the date and time may not be automatically set.
If Err appears, manual refer to blood Connection failure.The monitor measurement values continue to be stored in the memory even after the batteries are replaced.Do not place the arm cuff over thick clothes.If the values between both arms differ substantially, please check with your physician as to which arm to use for your measurements.Sit with your back and arm being supported.When the batteries have been securely placed in this device, the message and sync symbol below will appear blood on the screen: Notes: When the depleted battery symbol appears on the display, turn the monitor off and remove all the batteries.Using monitor your Monitor without Pairing You can use this blood pressure monitor without pairing to a smart device.Wait 2-3 minutes before taking another measurement.Introduction, thank you for purchasing the omron evolv Automatic Upper Arm Blood.If you use any other app instead of omron connect, the data may not be displayed correctly after sending. In order to determine the appropriate cuff size, you need to measure the circumference of your arm.
Press connection button to transfer your readings.
The arm cuff should be placed on your arm at the same level as your heart.

Replace the battery cover.Important Safety Information, please read the Important Safety Information in this instruction manual before using the unit.Remove tight-fitting or thick clothing from your arm while taking a measurement.Data Transfer With Multiple Smart Devices Once you transfer fantasy your data to crack a smart device, that data cannot be transferred again to the same smart device, nor to another smart device.Remain still crack and do not utility talk while taking a measurement.Consult a physician immediately.Using the Device.1 Applying the Arm Cuff Remove tight-fitting clothing from your left upper arm.As soon as the measurement is complete, your reading fantasy will be automatically transferred to the app.Sync Symbol ( ) When the sync symbol appears on fantasy the display, make sure that your monitor has been pairing with the smart device or transfer the data.Omron recommends to always use game the same arm for measurement. Remove the battery cover.
Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
Note the precise measurement in centimetres.